Nursing Articles

Nursing’s Role in the Current Opioid Epidemic
America's Drug Overdose Epidemic: Can Nurses Control This Crisis?
The Growing Epidemic: Nurses and the Misuse of Opioids
Not Another Prince! How All Nurses Can Halt Drug Overdose
Should Nurses Be Blamed for Medication Diversion?
Why Do Nurses Depend on Drugs? The Rationale and Prevalence
Beyond the Bedside: The RN’s Role in Chemical Dependency Programs
The Truth About Impaired Nurses
How Drug Diversion Will Affect Your Nursing Career
Nurse Jackie Closes out with a Lie
Nurse Jackie Recap: A Teachable Moment
Nurse Jackie: Together We Stand
Nurse Jackie: Honesty is the Best Medicine
Nurse Jackie: Seeing the Whole Picture
Will Nurse Jackie Handle Life's Pressures as a New Season Starts?
Nurses and Substance Abuse
A Nurse's Experience with Fibromyalgia and Pain Medication
Dementia Screening and Substance Abuse in Nursing Care
Ethical Issue: When Your Colleague Is a Victim of Substance Abuse
Nurses and Addiction


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