Says GoodbyeAs nurses, we sometimes specialize in saying goodbye depending on the department we work in. Loss, regardless of occupational status, has profoundly impacted each of us. It’s never easy, nor does it get easier with time.

As announced their plans to close shop, ending their online publication after eight successful years, I was saddened. Being one of the newer contributors to the website has not minimized the loss I feel.

At, we have become a community with shared vision, and although we sometimes differed in our opinions, we nevertheless aimed for the betterment of the nursing profession. This publication offered us a chance as writers to contemplate serious issues, and as readers, to reflect and comment, both offering a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion.

As writers, we contributed to some hilarious topics as well, readers offering comical rebuttal where appropriate. Nurse bullies showed up to forcefully and rudely interject, but don’t they always? It didn’t keep the rest of us from uniting on important issues in nursing.

The staff of cared about our profession. They cared about us. They offered us a forum, a voice, in which to help make a difference. The articles I have personally written have been cathartic, and I’m sure many of you share that sentiment. I do wish it was not time to say goodbye to a friend like NurseTogether. I don’t know where the road will lead from here. Many of us will go on to write for other publications, readers will join other nursing websites to offer their unique perspectives, NurseTogether's staff will undoubtedly move on to other fulfilling opportunities. That’s one of my favorite things about goodbyes; they usually signal an open door, a new chapter beginning up ahead.

Join me in wishing the staff of the very best in what the future holds for them, and in giving heartfelt thanks for the unique opportunities they gave us, both individually and as a collective nursing group. We will miss you!

A Message from the Editor:

We can't thank each one of you enough. To each of the Inner Circle member, you have been a huge support to You take time off from your busy schedule to express your thoughts about a specific topic. The readers love your work and we have had a lot of healthy discussions. To each of the reader, you were our motivation to make this a better platform and a more reliable resource page. We wish everyone the best. As we always say, be the best nurse you can be!