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About Kim Snyder

Kim Snyder has been involved with makeup most of her life.  Like many small girls, her first interest began with watching her mom get ready to go to work and then getting into the makeup whenever she could get away with it. This early experimentation provided valuable lessons, such as it’s unwise to paint your whole face with green eye shadow! Kim went on to find her own personal style as a teen, and her love for makeup is still going strong now that she is a wife, mother and owner of Kim’s experience as a caregiver for the elderly showed her the almost magical power of makeup: to restore confidence and to make women “feel like ladies.” A little makeup, or even just getting their hair washed and curled, meant more than anything to many of the women she cared for. They would ask that lipstick be applied for them because their hands shook or that she set their hair. Once they had been made up, they transformed before her eyes, filling with poise and simple joy. Another stop on Kim’s road gave her valuable lessons in giving customer service a step above and beyond any web site. As a food and cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, she learned the “customer-first” attitude that made sure her tips were always generous. Now she has taken that attitude to the web at She responds to questions within a day, and gives her personal attention to every order. Her belief in the concept of going out of your way to provide a superior shopping experience for every customer has helped to grow consistently every year. Kim started in 2004 with an idea to offer a place where small beauty brands could offer their products without having to meet large wholesale minimum orders. In fact, many of the handcrafted products are not made until you order the item, so that it will be fresh and at full potency when it arrives. In addition to offering her own line, Overall Beauty Minerals Pure Mineral Makeup which includes eye shadow, blushes with foundations in the works, Kim also offers organic skincare, bath and body products, makeup and gift products from an array of small manufacturers. Additionally, Kim offers select handmade items, such as makeup bags. Superior customer service and best of class organic, natural or hard to find products are not the only reason to shop at The site is also known for its wealth of informative articles. Kim has written over 150 articles on topics ranging from eyelash extensions to sulfate free shampoos, and most are archived on the site.   Kim's Websites:   Kim’s Blogs: "Thoughts of Beauty" "Natural Easy Skincare Tips" "Secrets of Beauty" "Got Coffee?" Some of Kim's hottest products found on Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer BB Couture Nail Polish             Overall Beauty Minerals Blush