nurses healthAs I was driving home through the city today I was distracted by all of the commotion outside. Tractor trailers were banging and clanging quickly past me. On the sidewalk, construction workers were shouting to one another, finishing up the day’s work. Loud noise, such as radios and car horns, were invading my quiet space. My thoughts were scattered and I was having a hard time concentrating on one thing at a time. My mind was racing from topic to topic. Then, I was suddenly reminded of abusy day on a nursing unit!

I know we all have experiences like these: getting interrupted while calculating medication dosages, being called to the telephone while in the middle of patient teaching or hearing a bed alarm then rushing away from talking to a family member about how their loved one is doing. This is the nature of our position as a nurse. We need to be in a million different places all at one time. We care for many people at the same time. We have so much to get done each day and so much responsibility on our shoulders that it can be a distracting role with its multiple facets and tasks. It can get a bit chaotic and definitely damaging to nurses health!

One way to decrease distraction during your day-to-day routine is through using positive affirmations. Stating positive declarations can create greater focus, increased concentration and a sense of balance. Taking time out each day to sit quietly, breathe, and state mantras either silently or aloud can have a deep impact on your happiness, peace of mind, and health. When you do this, you quiet the mind. You create a space that is free from disruption. And then, with practice, you can call upon this state of mind at any point during a busy shift. nurses health

Here is what you do. Make time each day, either in the morning or the evening, to quietly state each affirmation. Reflect on what it means to you. You can also begin to add affirmations of your own as you become comfortable with the process. Take a slow and deep breath in and out through your nose between each of the affirmations. Become aware of how you feel and start to notice any shifts in energy, mood or stress levels.  Also, observe how you relate to others - your patients, your family, your friends or your colleagues. Here are some statements I use that can help you get started:

  • I am exactly where I need to be as my journey in life reveals itself to me.
  • I honor my mind, body and soul and treat each aspect of my being with respect.
  • I am a confident, knowledgeable and successful role model as I inspire others to be the same.
  • I know great joy and peace and therefore have wonderful energy.
  • My speech is a form oflove.
  • I am limitless in my capacity for joy, healing and happiness.
  • I will achieve perfect balance and be successful in all that I take on.

Realizing that you are worth it and taking the timenurses health to sit quietly with your own positive thoughts will greatly affect nurses health on many levels. You will create a way to cope with distraction during your busy days. You will generate a calmer presence through slowing down and breathing with yourself. Knowing that you are a wholesome force of good that deserves peace and joy in your life will create a space of being able to receive for yourself. You deserve great happiness, peace, and love in your life. Make room for yourself!