12 Statement T-Shirts That Speak a Nurse’s Mind

Being a nurse can be a demanding job most of the time, so having some t-shirts that make a statement can be rewarding and sometimes humorous. Here are 12 statement t-shirts all nurses should have.

  1. Proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants.

Nurse T-shirt Design
This shirt is a statement to a nurse’s day off. After forty, fifty, sixty or more hours of work within a few days, a day off can be as relaxing as hanging out in some sweatpants and having no care for messy hair.

  1. I’m like 104% tired.

Nurse T-shirt Design
With how hard a nurse works, wearing this shirt can be a clear statement that shows people how tired you are after your multiple 12-hour shifts in a row.

  1. Don’t flatter yourself, I was looking at your veins.

Nurse T-shirt Design
For nurses who have a sense of humor, this shirt can be a clear statement that what they do on a daily basis is their job and nothing more.

  1. I already want to take a nap tomorrow.

Nurse T-shirt Design
For the nurse who works overtime shifts all week long on their feet for 12 or more hours a day, you can be certain that they are dreaming of the time they get to take a nap. On a nurse’s day off, you can be sure they will take that nap if they have the time to.

  1. Nurse facts.

Nurse T-shirt Design
This is a nutrition facts parody shirt that lists the “facts of a nurse.” It includes determination, hustle, passion, teamwork, and satisfaction. No excuses, but includes attitude, blood, sweat, and tears. This is a humorous t-shirt that also shows how hard a nurse works.

  1. I survived nursing school.

Nurse T-shirt Design
This shirt is for the recently graduated nurses. Nursing school can be extremely challenging, and after the many years it takes to become a nurse, this statement t-shirt shows how proud you are that you have graduated and can work as a full-time nurse.

  1. I’m here to save your ass, not kiss it.

Nurse T-shirt Design
This shirt makes the statement that a nurse doesn’t work so that they can kiss your ass and make you feel better. They are here to save your ass, and many times save your life. This shirt makes people think more about the work nurses do.

  1. I don’t curse like a sailor, I curse like a nurse.

Nurse T-shirt Design
Here’s a funny nurse statement t-shirt that shows the grueling side of the work of a nurse. If you think a sailor curses frequently, you haven’t seen anything until you see how much a nurse can curse. Behind closed doors, of course, a nurse will let out their thoughts on the demanding workday.

  1. Nurse. Noun. The first person you see after saying, “Hold my beer and watch this.”

Nurse T-shirt Design
This is another humorous nurse t-shirt that explains the definition of a nurse as it relates to people doing stupid things while intoxicated. While it is a statement for nurses, this is also a statement and reminder to anyone who reads the shirt to not do stupid things while drinking, or else they could end up in the hospital.

  1. Be nice to me, I may be your nurse someday.

Nurse T-shirt Design
This statement t-shirt is a reminder for people to be nice to others and to treat others the way they want to be treated. Beyond treating nurses nicely, this is a reminder to people that they should treat everyone with respect because you never know when you might see that person again. It could be in the hospital, and they could be treating you and caring for you.

  1. When my shift ends, I either want to boil myself or light myself on fire.

Nurse T-shirt Design
As you know, a nurse’s shift is extremely demanding. Whether it is an 8-hour shift or a 12-hour shift, a nurse’s day comes with many tasks that involve being on their feet all day long, and this shirt makes the statement that the shift of a nurse can make one go crazy.

  1. Warning: Student nurse with just enough knowledge to be extremely dangerous.

Nurse T-shirt Design
This statement t-shirt is for the student nurses and makes the statement that nursing students have immense knowledge of the nursing field with not a lot of experience, which could be dangerous. Of course, this is just humor.

So, which nurse statement t-shirt was your favorite? Do you have any nursing t-shirts that you have seen that have made you think, laugh or both? Let us know!

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