How can taking care of one's self have anything to do with business? As a nurse practitioner, you work hard; most likely you work harder than you ever did as an employed person. This is especially true during your first years in business.

Take the time to recharge your batteries by following these tips:

  1. Vacation.

    There is no question, getting away is the best way to recharge. While many of us may not be able to get away for 2-3 weeks, consider several mini-vacations or even a staycation.

  1. Read a book that has nothing to do with medicine, nursing, health or business.

    Totally get away from your everyday work and immerse yourself in something completely unrelated.

  1. Consider taking an afternoon to go to the movies, visit a gallery, or meet your friends for coffee and conversation.


  1. Take up a new hobby this summer.

    Perhaps you've wanted to learn to paint, play an instrument, or kayak.

  1. Visit the many Summer Art Fairs and Festivals.


  1. Have a picnic under the stars.

    August is great month for Meteor showers.

  1. Like to camp, but short on time? Consider camping in your backyard.


  1. Take a morning off and go for an early morning hike.

    It's a great time to watch the wildlife and can feel decadent while you sip your morning coffee/tea and others are scurrying off to work.

  1. Make yourself the special occasion and treat yourself.

    Is there something you do just for special occasions? Great!

  1. Attend some summer CE opportunities in a new location.

    While work related, it still gets you out of the office and a chance to network with others while allowing time for sightseeing.

These tips will give you fresh perspective, new ideas, allows your creativity to be in full production and prevents burnout. You owe this to yourself as well as your patients. After all, how often do you encourage them to participate in self-care? It's time for the healer to heed his or her own words. Your staff and patients will notice and appreciate the fact that you follow your own healthy advice.