List of Nurse Recruitment Agencies for U.S. Based Employment

As the demand for nurses rapidly increases in the United States, due to the bulk of the population aging, a substantial portion of nurses reaching retirement age, and now a global pandemic, nurses from outside the U.S. may consider working here temporarily or permanently. It is common for nursing recruitment agencies to steadily hire foreign-trained … Read more

How to Become an Emergency Room Nurse

Are you the type of nurse that thrives in chaos and loves the adrenaline rush that comes with sticky situations? If so, becoming an emergency room nurse might just be the right track for you. Whether you are a newly graduated nurse or a veteran who has been in the industry for a few years, … Read more

How to Become an Infection Control Nurse

With neo-natal nursing and midwifery being a couple of the most popular nursing specialties, it’s clear that most nurses enjoy the more nurturing and life-affirming aspects of the profession. But did you know that there are other specialties out there designed for nurses with a penchant for adrenaline, mystery, and research? From life in the … Read more

Types of US Nursing Degrees

The path to becoming a nurse can be a little bit confusing. With so many letters, initials, titles, and programs, there are a variety of ways a person could gain the label of “nurse.” If you’re interested in becoming a nurse and are curious as to how to get there, we’ve compiled a handy guide … Read more

Tired of Hospital Nursing? 4 Work-at-Home Jobs You Can Try

So you followed your dreams and became a nurse – you survived nursing school, exams, clinical hours, and even more exams. But now that you’ve been working for a few years, you might find that hospital nursing is a bit more stressful than you’d like to deal with. You love working with people and you … Read more

The Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

Entering the nursing field doesn’t mean you are limited to bedside nursing at your local clinic. In fact, there is a huge variety of careers you can enter into as a nurse, and if salary is a factor, there are still plenty of options. If you’re considering entering the nursing career or are already a … Read more

How the Affordable Care Act Has Impacted Nursing

The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, made some major waves when it was introduced in 2010. A new answer to the continual issue of healthcare in America, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law as a way of making sure that all American citizens had health insurance, regardless of whether they … Read more

How to Become a Pain Management Nurse

Choosing a specialty as a nurse can be a daunting task. You want to find something that you’re passionate about, something that will give you a sense of fulfillment, but also something that will pay the bills. Pain Management Nursing is a specialty that could be the right option for you, especially if you are … Read more

How to Become a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Whether you are choosing a specialty as you enter the profession as a brand-new nurse or you’re looking for a bit of a change from your regular nursing specialty, becoming a labor and delivery nurse is an excellent option. But changing fields or entering one as intense as this one can be a big challenge, … Read more

How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Entering the field of healthcare is a big decision. The process is challenging and so is the work, not to mention the fact that it’s a pretty thankless job a lot of the time. However, it can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, is a great introduction to … Read more

Your Travel Nursing Guide

If you’re a working nurse looking for a change of pace, chances are you have heard about travel nursing. Indeed, travel nursing can be an excellent alternative to the occasional boredom of being a “regular” nurse in a hospital or clinic. To help you out, we’ve gathered tons of the best information to create for … Read more

3 Common Medical Errors in Nursing and How to Avoid Them

It’s fairly common knowledge that no one is perfect, so it’s a good idea to realize now that you won’t always perform your nurse duties perfectly. Even if you graduated at the top of your class and have received recognition for your devotion to healthcare, all while maintaining great nurse-patient relationships and getting along with … Read more

SOAPIE: Effective Means to Good Nursing Documentation

Good documentation is a major part of a nurse’s responsibilities at work. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult parts of the job to do well. In this article, we’ll look at a unique strategy to help you improve your documentation skills and become an even better nurse. Why Document? There are a lot … Read more

To Join or Not to Join a Nursing Union

There’s no word more divisive in an employment setting as “union.” It makes employers nervous and employees concerned about job security. But sometimes, it is in everyone’s best interest to join a union. If you’ve heard about a local nursing union or you’re looking into joining one, keep reading for some pros and cons of … Read more

Certified Nursing Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Now that you’ve survived nursing school and have gotten your certification to become a nursing assistant, it’s time to look for that dream job! Getting your resume and applications is the first step, but once you’ve landed an interview, you need to be prepared. The following are a few questions that you’ll most likely be … Read more

Making an Effective and Professional Nursing End-of-Shift Report

Creating a proper end-of-shift report is a crucial part of ensuring patient safety and a smooth transition from the outgoing shift of nurses to the incoming one. While it’s definitely enticing to zip out of work as quickly as possible and skimp on the report, you should understand that this is a critical step to … Read more

25 Sample Nursing Interview Questions You Should Answer

As you graduate from nursing school, your next task is to find a job in your new career path. This is a very exciting time and could lead you to new and interesting places. Ideally, you’re confident about your skills and the knowledge you have built up over the past few years. But now comes … Read more

Gaining the Respect of Your Co-workers

It is the goal of every person, and certainly every nurse, to gain the respect of the people around them. Respect is a signifier that you are doing your job correctly and that people appreciate you as a person as well as a nurse. But as we all know, respect is earned and not simply … Read more

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Male Nurse

Like teaching and other fields that are seen as “nurturing,” nursing is a female-dominated career, and is one area that lacks gender diversity in the US. While there are men entering the profession, they aren’t doing so at the rate that women are. And now with the nursing shortage being experienced around the world, we … Read more

Nursing Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a current nursing student or recent graduate, finding good volunteer programs is a good idea to start working on. Volunteering can offer you amazing hands-on experience and help you get familiar with the world of healthcare as a profession. We’ve rounded up a few of the best nursing volunteer opportunities that will … Read more

List of Nurse License Compact States 2016

When you become a licensed nurse, you will be given that certification in the state where you live. Each state may have different requirements that you must fulfill for licensure. However, what if you move to a new state and wish to work as a nurse there? In that case, you’ll need to understand the … Read more

Nursing Faculty Shortage: Why is The Pipeline Dry?

Nursing school is experiencing higher demand than ever before. Hundreds of thousands of candidates apply for some sort of nursing education each year in an effort to become qualified and certified nurses. However, each year, over 65,000 applicants are turned away from entering good programs. This isn’t because they aren’t qualified but rather because there … Read more

How to Become Your Boss’ Favorite Nurse in 9 Easy Steps

Want to get on your boss’s good side? Well, it’s easier than you might think. While the steps below may require a bit of work and practice, it’ll all be worth it in the end! 1. Have a sense of humor. First of all, you should have a good sense of humor that makes those … Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Nursing as a Career

If you’re looking for a great career path, look no further! Nursing is one of the best jobs you can have, so if you’ve decided on getting into the field, you’ve made a great choice! If you’re still pondering whether it’s right for you, we’ve gathered the top five reasons why you should choose a … Read more

Workplace Stress: 6 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Nursing Job

Nursing is a great career choice, but there’s no denying that it comes with certain unpleasant side effects. In fact, working in healthcare is notoriously bad for one’s health, ironically. Many nurses and doctors struggle with obesity, joint pain, back pain, premature aging, sleep problems, depression, and anxiety. It’s impossible to pinpoint what the culprit … Read more

Top 8 Least Stressful Nursing Jobs

When we talk about work-related stress, nurses are some of the worst sufferers out there. From physical stress to emotional stress, the pressure of nursing seems to be never-ending. But because nursing is so diverse, it is possible to find positions that are less stressful than others. We are by no means saying that these … Read more

Male Nurses Are Still in Short Supply

The term “male nurse” is not one that has received much appreciation or recognition. Instead, it is often the subject of jokes and outright derision. After all, isn’t nursing a woman’s job? Indeed, many men are looked down on for choosing a profession that is majority female. However, it is becoming clear that while there … Read more

Why Is a BSN Necessary for Nurses?

When thinking about becoming a nurse, one of the critical questions to ask yourself is which path you want to take to get there? A BSN is a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and can provide many additional benefits than an ADN, which is an associate’s degree in nursing. Both can allow you the opportunity to … Read more

7 Signs You’ve Found a Great Nursing Job

After graduating from nursing school, you probably spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect job. You most likely attended several interviews and toured a lot of facilities. And finally, you found a position and were hired – congratulations! But how do you know if the job you’ve found is a good one or just … Read more

How to Increase Your Nursing Salary

There comes a time in every nurse’s life when they realize it’s time for a raise. Maybe you’ve been working at the same location for a long time, or maybe your salary isn’t as rising as fast as the current cost of living in your area. Whatever the reason, it’s never a bad idea to … Read more

What Causes Nurse Burnout, and How Do You Prevent It?

Professional burnout is not limited to nursing, but it cannot be denied that nurses experience this burnout on a particularly painful level. With a job as demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually as nursing, it’s impossible not to experience at least some level of burnout, whether that’s after months, years, or decades in the field. The … Read more

5 Steps to Finding a Nurse Mentor Who Will Lead You to Success

If you’re just starting out as a nurse, it’s never to early to look for a mentor. Finding a great mentor that will work for you and your needs can be difficult, but it is totally worth it in the long run. Finding your own mentor, as opposed to being assigned one by your manager, … Read more

5 Reasons Why New Nurses Can’t Find a Job

Searching for any job in this economic climate is difficult enough, but somehow it feels like we nurses are getting the worst of it. Truly, job-hunting is almost a full-time job in itself, so it’s no surprise that we’re running out of time and energy to find that perfect job. If this sounds like the … Read more

What is Nursing Stress, Burnout, or Compassion Fatigue?

Being a nurse is a dream come true for many people looking for a fulfilling and rewarding career. However, any practicing nurse can tell you that it is not the easiest job in the world. It requires strength, patience, and often more empathy than seems humanly possible. While feelings of frustration are totally normal, there … Read more

How to Attract the Right Work Culture in Nursing

When I first began a nursing job right after graduating from nursing school, I was ecstatic to finally have a career. I was excited to finally hold the title of nurse and work in a field that I was passionate about. However, the longer I worked in a large hospital, the more I felt that … Read more

Hot Nursing Career Paths

Having made it through the agony of nursing school and passed your exams, you are a certified nurse, ready to work! Congratulations! You may be wondering now how to go about getting a job and what exactly you should do now. Luckily for you, there are lots of career paths that you can choose; it’s … Read more

5 Time Management Tips for Busy Nurses

Healthcare is notoriously demanding in terms of time and energy. As a nurse, you are probably painfully aware of how few hours there are in a day to complete all the tasks you have been assigned or want to accomplish for yourself. If you’ve found yourself struggling to keep up with the frantic pace that … Read more

Becoming a Health Informatics Specialist

If you’ve ever considered branching out your nursing knowledge to other realms of the profession, becoming an informatics specialist might be the right position for you. If you have a tendency towards all things technological and don’t want to part ways with the world of healthcare, keep reading to learn how to become a health … Read more

Malpractice Insurance: Myths That Damage Nursing Careers

When I first started working as a nurse, I was told by one of my supervisors to look into malpractice insurance immediately. I balked at first. Why should I need malpractice insurance? I was a good nurse, I was smart, and I was honest. I certainly wouldn’t do anything that would put my patients in … Read more