Healthy Eating for a Healthy Nurse

Maintaining good health and proper nutrition is difficult even in the best of times. Making sure you get all the right nutrients, consume the correct number of calories, enough exercise, and enough sleep can seem like an impossible task. For a nurse, it can be even more daunting. Irregular work schedules and unpredictable work days … Read more

5 Fashion Tips for Nurses

Our appearance sends messages about ourselves to others, whether we want it to or not. People pay attention to hair, piercings, makeup, tattoos, cleanliness, and clothing styles of others. As caregivers, you should want to make sure that all of these aspects of your appearance are positively influencing what other perceive about us while still … Read more

What You Need to Know About Bedside Nursing

Bedside nursing is quickly becoming just one of many occupational areas of nursing. Due to a push towards an increased need for mid-level providers (advanced practice nurses) and nurse burnout, fewer nurses choose to stay at the bedside long-term. This may become problematic as the nursing shortage continues to rapidly increase. Bedside nursing is available … Read more

Inspirational Quotes for Nurses

Nursing is a wonderful, yet challenging career. It can be mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding. Yet, the work one does as a nurse can be incredibly rewarding. The following are a few quotes to keep in mind when your work day has been tough.  “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished … Read more

45 Fun & Interesting Nursing Facts

Becoming a registered nurse is the ultimate goal for a lot of men and women looking to enter the medical field. Registered nurses work directly with patients to provide care and have a wealth of knowledge and skills to offer, but there might be a few things that you didn’t know about registered nurses. Without … Read more

12 Characteristics that Describe Nurses (And What They’re Not)

There are more than a few misconceptions out there regarding what nurses are and are not. We nurses know what we are capable of, what we’re responsible for, and what that means for patients. Here are a few characteristics that describe nurses and a little bit of clarification for what that means (or doesn’t mean. … Read more

5 Important Personality Traits to be a Successful Nurse

Becoming a nurse is not for the faint of heart; it requires a very special type of person to become a successful nurse, and not just anyone is cut out for the job. And while it’s possible for pretty much anyone with enough drive and determination to make it through nursing school and into a … Read more

Integrity in Nursing: What’s It All About?

The concept of integrity is a difficult one to define, especially in medicine. As nurses, we have a duty to act ethically according to our professional duties, but where does that meet with our personal integrity? Or does our personal life need to stay completely out of our professional dealings? There are a lot of … Read more

8 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That May Work for Nurses

We may be a bit biased over here, but we are pretty sure that dating a nurse is one of the best ideas you could have. We’re smart, determined, and we definitely know how to nurture and take care of people! Not to mention, we’re great multi-taskers with a lot of personal drive. So, how … Read more

The Four Elements of Medical Malpractice in Nursing

Medical malpractice – two words you definitely don’t want to hear too often if you work in the healthcare sector. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, and recovering from the situation can be a lengthy and costly process for both the facility and the individuals involved. While the issue is most often associated with physicians, … Read more

Items That New Nurses Should Have in Their Bag

One of the worst things you can do as a new nurse is show up to work un- or under-prepared. But how do you know what to bring to your brand-new job at the local hospital? This type of practical knowledge isn’t usually taught in nursing school, but a well-packed bag can make a huge … Read more

Do Nursing and Tattoos Go Well Together?

Human beings are certainly no strangers to decorating ourselves. From jewelry to hairstyles to clothing trends, humans are always finding new ways to adorn ourselves to enhance our appearances. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years in certain cultures, but it hasn’t been until recently that they are becoming more and more acceptable in … Read more

7 Motivational Quotes for Nursing Students

As a hard-working nursing student, you’re no stranger to stress. In fact, studying for exams, doing clinical hours, and trying to maintain a social life seem all but impossible to fit into your schedule. Add in the piles of flashcards you still have to make, and it seems like there’s just no way that you’ll … Read more

Medicare Fraud: The Most Profitable Healthcare Crime in the US

The healthcare system in the United States is pretty complicated, no doubt about it. And with such a complicated system, there are always people trying to find ways around high medical costs. Medicare fraud is one of those ways that people try to scam the system. But just what is Medicare fraud? Let’s take a … Read more

Can a Nurse Be Too Old to Excel in the Workplace?

If you’ve been a nurse for a while, you may be wondering if you’re too old to excel in your career. After all, with brand new nurses entering the field all the time, it’s beginning to feel like a young man’s (or woman’s!) game. And even though we more experienced nurses feel at the top … Read more

Best Exercises for Nurses

Getting (and staying) in shape is hard enough, but for nurses, it seems like an almost impossible task. With not enough hours in the day or gas in the metaphorical tank, it can be extremely difficult for nurses to make their own health a priority. This is pretty counterintuitive since nurses are concerned with other … Read more

How Much Does a Nurse Really Walk During Their Shift?

Being a nurse is a job that takes not only a lot of education but also extreme endurance throughout every shift. You might wonder how much a nurse walks during an average day because a nurse will be on their feet almost their entire shifts. What once would have been a more challenging task to … Read more

Should All Nurses Be Forced To Get Flu Vaccinations?

In the midst of the flu season, many hospitals and health centers have required all of their employees, including nurses, to get a flu shot or flu vaccination. They must get the flu shot or be forced to leave their jobs. Some people think it should be necessary for all nurses to get flu shots, … Read more

So You Hate Being a Nurse: Now What?

You spent a few years in school, studying your butt off and working hard to graduate. And then you finally landed that dream job as a nurse, doing the work you always dreamed of. You have a great salary, great professional relationships, and are confident in what you know how to do. And then, all … Read more

Power and Influence? Yes, Nurses Have Them

It can often feel like we nurses don’t have a lot of power in our work. We have to follow the orders of physicians and our own decisions are often questioned by others. Even in nursing managerial positions, we are still seen as lacking true authority. What is usually more the case, though, is that … Read more

Lose the Ego Nurses, It’s Not About You

While the definition of ego is “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance,” it is often referred to simply as a person’s  “self” or the “I” of a person. It is the part of each person that regulates their conscious thoughts and actions. When we use this word, we usually use it to mean that … Read more

Tribute to Great Nurses: Why Is It So Difficult?

With thousands of amazing nurses all around the world, it’s impossible to recognize them all. And though each and every working nurse deserves that recognition (along with winning the lottery, having great health, and finding the love of their life), instead we will take the time to recognize some of the incredible things that nurses … Read more

Would You Give Up Your Seat in the Nurses Station?

When it comes to professionalism in the workplace, nurses have it extremely tough, as a general rule. We are put in a sort of middle-man position between physicians and patients, a position which doesn’t allow too much independence or individualism. It can be challenging to work with doctors who don’t respect us and patients who … Read more

Taking Control of Your Child’s Behavior

When you decided to become a parent, you likely understood that it wouldn’t be the easiest job in the world, but that it would be worth it, right? And now that you are a parent, you’re seeing just how true that really is! Overall, parenting is a challenging but rewarding endeavor, but it can be … Read more

A Nurses’ Value to Society

One day, many years ago, I was a new nurse. I had just graduated from nursing school and was proud of my new qualifications and after working in a large hospital for about a year, I was getting used to the routine of going to work each day, filling out paperwork, and treating a variety … Read more

What Does the Automobile Industry And Healthcare Have In Common?

Nursing is a famously human profession. It focuses on the human touch, human interaction, and the physical failings of simply being in human bodies. For hundreds of years, nurses have been seen as healers and helpers. Considering all this, it might surprise you to know that healthcare is pickup up a few helpful hints from … Read more

Elderly Care: 5 Ways to Enjoy Life Even in Your 80s

Growing older is a part of life that no one really looks forward to. We imagine a life of limited physical capabilities, dwindling mental capacity, and a lot of time spent in loneliness. But life doesn’t have to be that way, at any age! Even in your 80s, life can be fulfilling, exciting, and worthwhile. … Read more

12 Statement T-Shirts That Speak a Nurse’s Mind

Being a nurse can be a demanding job most of the time, so having some t-shirts that make a statement can be rewarding and sometimes humorous. Here are 12 statement t-shirts all nurses should have. Proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants. This shirt is a statement to a nurse’s day off. After forty, fifty, … Read more

How Nurses Can Stop Blaming Others and Change Their Life Today

In this world, there’s no shortage of conflict. From wars to a squabble with your loud neighbor, it’s impossible to go a day without at least hearing of some type of fighting. As humans, we tend to strive to remove blame from ourselves and place it on others in an effort to keep issues from … Read more

10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse

Nurses have a different way of doing things compared to most people. And children of nurses have seen and heard it all. If you were raised by a nurse, some of the following might look awfully familiar. Read on for the ten signs that you were raised by someone in the nursing profession. You know … Read more