Are In-Person Nursing Classes Better Than Online Ones?

There has been a growing trend for nursing programs to offer online courses in lieu of, or combined with, in-person (face-to-face) classes. This trend exponentially increased during the COVID-19 pandemic due to in-person classes not being allowed. Even before the pandemic, adult learners or students who also work full-time encountered struggles attending classes in-person due … Read more

5 Tips to Help You Survive Nursing School

If you’ve made the decision to go to nursing school – congratulations! Healthcare needs qualified and dedicated providers, and nursing is an excellent profession. Nursing school can seem daunting both at the beginning and all throughout. Ask any nurse and they’ll tell you that nursing school held some of the most challenging times of their … Read more

4 Helpful Nursing Mobile Apps You Should Download

Today, there are apps for just about everything, including some that are excellent resources for nurses. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of a specific topic or need to look something up quickly at work, don’t worry- there’s an app for that! Here are some the best ones that we’ve found. Epocrates This … Read more

Importance of Body Language in Nursing Communication

It is a commonly known fact that non-verbal body language is an important piece of communication. In fact, up to 55% of communication consists of how people move and their body posture while speaking and listening. In a profession like nursing, which requires a lot of communication with patients, other nurses, doctors, and other members … Read more

Tips for Nurses Working with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Working with dementia patients or those with Alzheimer’s Disease can be a challenge, especially if it’s a new population for a nurse. The care required is extensive, challenging, and nearly constant. While it isn’t an area for everyone, working with these types of patients can be very rewarding. If you are currently working with or … Read more

4 Roles Nurses Play that Truly Make Them the Heart of Healthcare

Nurses are often thought of as the “heart” of healthcare because nurses give their all day in and out taking care of patients. In today’s media, physicians often have the starring role in patient care, but in reality, it is nurses who spend the most time at the bedside connecting with patients. Nurses have four … Read more

5 Emerging Trends and Driving Forces in Nursing Education

The nursing field is constantly changing and adapting, and with changes in the nursing profession come changes in nursing education. Understanding the changes and trends that can affect the field of nursing allows those aspiring or training to be a nurse to know about the shifts and changes that may occur in their education. Here … Read more

5 Rights to Prevent Medication Errors in Nursing

The common saying goes: “to err is human.” As a nurse, making mistakes is bound to happen, but in healthcare mistakes may carry heavier consequences than in other work environments. And in the world of healthcare, there is the added the worry of malpractice suits against nurses or physicians that have made a mistake, not … Read more

The ABCs of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

When thinking about nurses, most picture nurturing, bustling middle-aged women in a white uniform constantly carrying around fresh sheets or fluffy pillows. Nurses are often thought of “assistants” or “helpers” for physicians. In reality, nurses are professionals with an in-depth, scientific knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, the latest in medical technology, and the most … Read more

Your Guide to Online Nursing Programs

As the world progresses, it’s clear that technology is becoming an undeniable part of our life in every way. While this can seem frustrating at times, especially as we see interpersonal connections dwindling and children becoming obsessed with the latest game or social media, making use of technology can help us reach our goals in … Read more

12 Tips to Improve Your Nursing Documentation

One of the first things you probably learned on the job as a new nurse is the importance of documentation during your shift. Documenting everything is key to ensuring accountability for mistakes and as proof that protocols and procedures were followed correctly. In order to protect yourself liability-wise, you need to take documentation seriously and … Read more

List of Nursing Associations

If you’re new to the nursing world, you should know that there are so many nursing organizations out there for you to join. These organizations provide a sense of community, a place to learn and grow as a nurse, and offer networking and career opportunities. While there are hundreds of professional nursing organizations to choose … Read more

About the DAISY Award

Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and personal dedication. However, nurses that exhibit these wonderful qualities rarely receive recognition for their efforts. To make sure that outstanding nurses receive the thanks they deserve, the DAISY Foundation has created an award for those deserving nurses. What is the DAISY Foundation? … Read more

4 Tips Nurses Can Use To Reduce Stress In Pregnant Women

Pregnancy inherently involves a certain level of stress, especially if it is the first one for a woman. The new mother-to-be will be experiencing new physical sensations that are often unpleasant. Morning sickness can derail her daily routine, and she might be missing out on some of her favorite foods for nearly a year. She … Read more

Thumbs Up or Down? A Closer Look at #NursesTakeDC Staffing Rally

In recent years, the nursing profession has seen a sharp decline in new members. Indeed, a nursing shortage is happening all around the globe as fewer and fewer people enter the field. With dwindling resources, there is a lack of incentive for young students to enter nursing school. In addition, the shortage of nurses has … Read more

Wheelchair Dance? Yes They Can!

Our current population of elderly people were clearly not always elderly. Like all of us, they had a childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. And, also like all of us, they liked having fun. Social dancing was once the best way for young people to go out, have fun, and meet new people. It may seem … Read more

Why Personalized Medicine Isn’t Far Away

As advancements in technology come faster and faster, it is clear that we are entering the age of Big Data. There are software programs, apps, and even legislations that are all pushing for the digitizing of medical records and patient information. This is marketed as helpful for both patients and providers, and it’s true that … Read more

6 Essential Steps to Become a Holistic Health Practitioner

The holistic method of health care is gaining traction quite quickly in recent years. With a focus on alternative medicines and understanding the underlying cause of symptoms, holistic healthcare is a welcome form of treatment for many patients. If you are considering becoming a holistic health practitioner, here’s what you need to know. Step 1: … Read more

What if the Nurse Bully Is You?

You may have come into contact with bullies in your life, and these same bullies could be nurses if they choose that profession. There are clear distinctions that determine whether or not a nurse is a bully, and it’s easy to find out who the bully is within a nursing unit. However, it is more … Read more

6 Ways Nursing Professionals Deal with Difficult Patients

Many people don’t consider nursing to be a customer service job, but if you’ve ever worked as a nurse, you know that serving others is what the profession is really all about. Instead, though, we call them patients instead of customers. Often these patients can be somewhat difficult to deal with. They can be angry … Read more

Beyond the Bedside: Oncology Nursing

When a person is diagnosed with any type of cancer, they will become very familiar with the oncology team. They will turn to them for care and treatment. The oncology nurse is one person that the patient will probably interact with the most. If you find yourself in a situation where oncology is part of … Read more

7 Real Life Tips for Nursing Students Going Back to School

Going to nursing school is a great option that will lead to an amazing career in the world of healthcare. Going back to nursing school presents a variety of challenges for those students who have been away for a while. Whether you are getting back after a regularly scheduled semester break, or if you are … Read more

Beyond the Bedside: The Role of Telehealth Nursing

Nursing is a very hands-on job, there’s no denying. But with advancements in technology in recent years, it’s impossible not to extend nursing practice into the world of remote communication. In fact, it’s fairly likely that you’ve already had a hand in telehealth nursing, even if that means you’ve just made a simple phone call … Read more

Is the Nursing Profession an Art or Science?

The profession of nursing, like most other professions, includes two distinct facets, like the sides of a coin. On one hand, you have the pure science of the job – the dirty work, the knowledge, the mechanics and logistics. On the other hand, you have the art – the beauty of taking care of others … Read more

Nursing Beyond the Bedside: Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric nurses are often looked down upon in the field, but let it be known that geriatric care is a necessity as we see our population living to higher ages than ever before. Indeed, those nurses that care for the elderly are qualified and extremely knowledgeable. Geriatric care managers, like geriatric nurses, are experienced in … Read more

5 Tips to Prepare You for Precepting a New Nurse Graduate

When you were a new nurse, you probably benefited from the guidance of a mentor as you adjusted to the new working environment and struggled to be an effective nurse right out of graduation. And now that you’ve been working for a while, you may have been chosen to do the same thing for other … Read more

Which Is Better, the 8 or 12-Hour Nursing Shift?

While the 12-hour shift has become the norm for nurses, some hospitals and institutions provide nurses with an 8-hour shift as well. There are differences between each shift, and nurses can choose which shift they want based on the variety of employers and what they offer. The main difference between an 8 and 12-hour nursing … Read more

Does Advanced Education Make You a Better Nurse?

As a licensed nurse, you may be confident in your abilities. However, it is more likely that the longer you work in nursing, the more you come to realize that there is a lot that you don’t know. If this sounds like you, it might be time to look into continuing your nursing education. If … Read more

Robot Replacing Nurses: Is It Really That Far-fetched?

We’ve been hearing for decades that jobs will soon be replaced by robots. Factories have already experienced a decline in human employment in favor of robotics, and they aren’t the only locations seeing technology encroach on human territory. However, it seems that nursing is a job that simply cannot be replaced by robots, right? After … Read more

FDA Now Regulating Mobile Medical & Nursing Apps

In recent years, mobile medical and nursing apps have gained favor from providers and patients alike. The apps are available on a variety of mobile devices and make healthcare more streamlined and easier to understand. With apps to track steps and calories, check heart rates and glucose levels, and monitor chronic health conditions, it’s clear … Read more