1. Nurses are compassionate. However, nurses are not your mothers.


  2. Nurses are intelligent and have their own professional scope.


  3. Nurses are wise about medications. However, nurses aren’t going to push your IV meds faster, just because you asked.


  4. Nurses are team players, however, they are not going to give in to the team if it’s not good for their patient!

  5. Nurses are autonomous in their jobs. However, nurses are not alone in this proud profession.


  6. Nurses are caregivers and comforters. However, nurses are not just bum wipers....ok, sometimes they are!


  7. Nurses are patient advocates. However, nurses are not going to help you hurt yourself or others – we have “special places” for you.

  8. Nurses are smarter than you think – they know you were doing more than “walking down the street and this guy just attacked me” at 2am with an elevated blood alcohol level.


  9. Nurses are caring with hearts of gold. However, nurses are not going to cry when you leave AMA (Against Medical Advice) for the 2nd time.


  10. Nurses are constantly assessing you as you talk. However, nurses are not going to take your input about what you read on WebMD.


  11. Nurses are knowledgeable about diseases. However, nurses do not desire to see your rash in the middle of the super market.


  12. Nurses are not there ‘just to follow the doctor’s orders’.


Some people do have a misconception about nurses. What are they? Leave a comment below!