4 Ways Social Media Can Further Your Career as a NurseSocial media can further your career as a nurse for many reasons. First of all, nurses need to be connected to social media in order to thrive in their career trajectory. Everyone has their own niche and social media can help you carve out your career goals as never before.   

  1. Staying Up-to-Date with the Changes in Healthcare
    Nurses can use social media to connect to each other regarding their interests. For example, nurses can follow a specific nursing school or organization on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
    In particular, Twitter is a great boon for nurses as they can follow nurse leaders and get their take on all topics nursing on anything ranging from the recent Ebola scare to changes in health insurance. They can follow these entities and keep up-to-date with changes that are being implemented on a daily basis.
  2. Getting Introduced to Different Cultures
    If a nurse reads a blog posting, she can give her thoughts regarding specific topics as well. Or even better she can create her own blog for other nurses to follow. This can spur interest among distinct groups of nurses who are interested in trauma vs. oncology or being nurse administrators.
    A virtual connection can be created with nurses in Europe, Asia and even Alaska a bit closer to home. You can see what their concerns are and broaden your horizons with one click.
    Wondering about nurse patient rations in France or England? What about nursing uniforms in London or Israel? Do nurses go to school for three or four years before they take their licensing exam in Australia? You can be online and chatting to like-minded RNs all over the globe with just a mouse click away.
  3. Collaborating to Learn
    Education is a big concern. In a never ending quest to improve themselves nurses are furthering their basic education by returning to complete another degree in droves. Online education is booming. BSN completion programs are almost mandatory now if someone wants to get a job even if someone is working for a nursing agency. It has almost become the minimum standard.
    Continuing education programs are also great options for nurses who want to explore new areas. Nowadays you can delve into trauma nursing, death and dying, diabetes management or wound care, for example, on a casual or a more in depth basis. Certification is also a big area since adding a few initials after your name can boost your salary incrementally. 


Nurses who don’t use social media are not connected to the bigger picture. Life is much more interesting and rich if you stay connected!

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