nurse recognitionDuring Nurses Week, which runs from May 6th to 12th, we take time to celebrate and honor what we do as healthcare professionals. We work long, hard hours and this is a special time to recognize our efforts and expressions of care. This week is especially rewarding for me since I hear and feel that my commitment and contributions to quality healthcare are recognized and valued.

Here are some ways to tell your co-workers, supervisors, teachers and friends that they are valued and appreciated:

  1. An expression of thanks.  A card with a sincere expression of gratitude is always appreciated. Tell your co-worker, mentor, or caregiver that what they do is appreciated and that they are valued. Just putting your appreciation into words can go a long way.

  2. Food.  A plate of homemade or store-bought goodies will be greatly appreciated by your co-workers. It will demonstrate that you appreciate and recognize their hard work each day. I remember one year I received a roll of life-savers with a note that said, “You are a life-saver.” It made me feel much appreciated.

  3. Flowers. Flowers are another wonderful way to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for the care nurses provide. Just remember to be sensitive to the smell and the size of the arrangement.

  4. Public recognition. Many hospitals have awards ceremonies during Nurses Week whereby staff nurses are recognized for their efforts at the institution. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the practice of Florence Nightingale, and to show an employee that he/she is following an example that would make Nightingale proud.

  5. Make a slideshow. Throughout the year, you can take pictures of the unit. Then turn these into a slideshow presentation to be shown during Nurses Week.

These are only a few ways to celebrate our co-workers, our friends, our supervisors, our family members, and each other during Nurses Week.

Nurses are expected to influence the health of clients served; we are essential to healthcare. And as nurses, we are committed to excellence. Therefore, during Nurses Week, let us celebrate each other and the wonderful work we do.