best nursing jobsOne of the beauties of nursing is that you can have multiple “jobs” all within your professional role. If you work at a large enough institution, you could actually have multiple nursing jobs all within the same company. But how do you know you are really into it? Here are some signs to tell if you are still in it or if it is time to move on:

  1. You love being there, at least most days.

    Nursing on any given day can be crazy at best. But do you find yourself happy and in a relatively good mood most days, despite the crazy tornadoes swirling around you?

    Most nurses who are into their jobs enjoy doing it. You know who they are immediately when you walk on the floor or in the office—they just exude excitement and joy. Nurses who are really into their job rarely call in sick and sometimes need to be encouraged to use their vacation time.

  2. You want your friends to work there too.

    Nurses who are really into their jobs become the number one recruiter. They are always singing the praises of their workplace and encouraging others to join in the magic.

  3. You are engaged and growing to improve in your career.

    Healthcare is ever changing and nurses need to respond to that change. But nurses who are really into their jobs want to be the change agent. They see how things in their workplace could be even better and want to rally the troops. They are constantly seeking out new information and want to share it with those around them.

  4. You LOVE having students work with you.

    Nurses who are really into their jobs understand the professional commitment of training the next generation. They want to share this excitement and recognize the importance of teaching the newer nurses.

  5. You can’t see yourself working anywhere else.

    Longevity is often a good indicator that a nurse is into their job. They find great satisfaction in their work and nothing else in the job market even looks appealing. Although fear may also keep a nurse in the same place, these nurses just can’t imagine themselves working anywhere else. Units full of nurses who are really into their jobs also have very little turnover and that’s a good thing.

  6. You are the informal (and sometimes formal) leader and resource person.

    Fostering a positive work environment takes effort. The nurses who are into their jobs work daily at this task. They are the “go to” person for all things in their work space—everyone from their fellow nurses, to the doctors, to even personnel from environmental services! They all know you are the one with the answers.

So where do you stand? Are you really into your nursing job? Or is it time to move on to another chapter in your career? I’d love to hear your thoughts!