I've received a lot of emails from women lately asking me “David, on a first date, how do I know if this man sitting across from me is attracted to me?”So many women, especially professional women, have suppressed theirnatural feminine instincts when it comes to men.

When you're on a first date, men's body language cues and actions are not difficult to read.You just need to notice them. Nurses, here are six signs to know a man is attracted to you on a first date:


  1. He’s going to be leaning into you as you talk.Whether it's leaning forward at the dinner table, or leaning on the arm of the chair closest to you while sitting at a bar, the act of leaning closer to you is always a sign of interest and attraction in a man. 
  1. His eyes are going to be fixated on you.The saying you hear that “men are visual” is absolutely true.So when a man is attracted to you on a first date, he will not be able to take his eyes off you.Some women misconstrue a man's intense looks as being “assessing” instead of what it really is – adoring.Take his stare as a compliment! 
  1. He will check you out.When you get up from the table and walk to the bathroom, turn around really quickly.If he’s attracted to you, he will be checking out your ass as you’re walking away from him.When you catch him doing this, throw a big sexy smile back at him before you turn back around.  
  1. He will start talking about sex at some point during the course of the evening.If a man is attracted to a woman, he will not be able to resist talking about sex with her.Once again, and with any obvious vulgarity or rudeness aside, take a man making a passing reference to sex or innocent sexual innuendo as a compliment, and a sign that he definitely is attracted to you. 
  1. He will reach over and touch you once or twice, maybe on the arm, just to see if you’re going to react back to him.He does this because he is attracted to you and he wants to “test the waters” and see if the attraction is mutual.If  you are attracted to him, give him a little justice back and touch him on his arm or his shoulder. 
  1. He will be saying “we” a lot.Another indication of attraction on a first date is when a man starts to bring the “we” pronoun into his conversation.He’ll be saying “we need to do this” and “we need to do that.”He’s trying to get information out of you to see if he and you are interested in potentially becoming a “we.”

These are some clues to know if a man is attracted to you on a first date.  Here’s one last clue: If he doesn’t stop looking at you the entire night, and if he doesn’t check out any other women around the room the entire night, then you’ve got him hooked!