Continuing from our last video, this video would further delve and explore on what exactly happened during my first week of clinical.

To sum it up, we have a couple weeks of class, a white coat ceremony then we have four weeks of clinical in the nursing home. Two weeks off (fall break) and a week in the skills lab and the next four weeks before thanksgiving then we had a clinical in the hospital.

I was nervous on the first day of clinical in the hospital so I made sure I was ready and early to avoid any mishaps. The first day didn’t really consist of much, it was more of a meet and greet with the nurses. We were appointed in the neuro floor and it was okaaay. There were days that were pretty slow and there were days when things picked up.

On the second day, which is basically the second week of clinical, our instructor wanted us to do more. So, she set up this thing called Alternate Learning which basically means we leave the floor (neurology floor) for a couple of hours to go to another specialty. We went to Wound Care, Mid Nurse, and Dialysis.

When we got to wound care there was a company that was giving a presentation for the products they were selling to the hospital. So, we got try and see the different adhesives they had. After the demonstration, we get to follow the wound care nurses around the hospital and that was really cool because we get to SCRUB IN.

On the third day, we did dialysis. I can honestly say dialysis is not gonna be a specialty of mine and I can honestly say it was boring. But it was very interesting to see and learn about the different types of dialysis, see how they set it up, see who the patients are and learn about what they have to do every day.

The third and the fourth date of clinical was probably the best that I had from the clinical. It was right after the elections and I had this patient who was telling me about everything he was feeling throughout the election and he somehow was able to tie up all of these into a story about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness.

And he was so encouraging and he was just thanking us for being there for him. And it was such a wonderful moment for me as a student nurse to feel like a nurse.

The fourth day, I had a patient and she was so sweet. And I can really feel like she needed me. The fact that she wanted me to help her get to the point where she feels good, is momentous as a nurse for me.

All of the things I’ve learned this semester really tied up on my fourth day. Therapeutic communication, health assessment and caring for the patient and making sure they are safe and that’s what made it so significant for me, it made me feel like I was actually learning something.

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