Good Nurses Living The "Golden Rule"

By Vicki Hess on Fri, Sep 20, 2013

nurses ruleWe all learned the Golden Rule as youngsters. “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” Do you think that rule still makes sense in healthcare today especially with good nurses?

Think based on your perspective. When you are the customer, how do you like to be treated? Do you want someone treating you like they want to be treated, or like you want to be treated? When you are at work, try the ViewpointSHIFT™ rule instead. A ViewpointSHIFT is when you change the way you look at or think about things, and the actions that follow to achieve less stress, more energy and remarkable results.

Similar to the Golden Rule, but with a new twist, the ViewpointSHIFT Rule looks at service from the customer’s viewpoint. The rule says “treat others the way they want to be treated”.

Picture a retail setting where some customers like to peruse the isles unattended. Others love the one-on-one care they receive from their favorite sales person. If you treat everyone the same, the way you want to be treated, you are missing out on a golden patient satisfaction opportunity. This opportunity also relates to how you treat your family members, co-workers, boss, and so on.

I’ll bet I know what you are thinking now. How can you possibly know how each of your patient, co-worker and boss would want to be treated?

The answer is common sense but not necessarily a common practice among good nurses. Just ask and then pay attention. Listen to patterns from patients. Does the person routinely ask for pain medicines before he or she is due for the next dosage? Make a note to have the meds ready right on time. Consciously notice body language, listen to what people say, anticipate patient needs based on past experiences and respond accordingly. 

Your patients, co-workers, boss, etc. will love you for it. They will stop complaining and start being happy and satisfied. They will even tell their friends. This will make your day go much more smoothly. Get the picture?

Look at things from your patient’s point of view, utilize the ViewpointSHIFT Rule and see how your world shines and be the good nurse you want to be!

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Anonymous 4 years ago
via Facebook: Such a personal application- each pt is different- some don't want to be bothered by 'hourly rounding', some thrive on it and want you to linger...Knowing your pt is the key...

Anonymous 4 years ago
via Facebook: make sense.this because i do not expect to b treated while in the real sense am not doing the same to the others.

Anonymous 4 years ago
via Facebook: Management rule is sadly very different. Do onto others because you can.

Anonymous 4 years ago
via Facebook: it makes sense in life !

Anonymous 4 years ago
via Facebook: Yes.