Due to the economy, many nurses are having a hard time finding jobs, despite a predicted nursing shortage of nearly one million nurses by 2020.  There are, however, and will continue to be, some great job opportunites for nurses, especially for those with advanced degrees.

Just as Cherry Ames, nurse heroine in a series of mystery novels, found employment in a variety of settings, nurses today seek exciting career possibilities.


Practice Settings

Work assignments may be temporary such as per diem nursing, agency nursing or travel nursing, and often offer flexible hours.  Nurses can be found everywhere from hospitals, homes, schools, pharmaceutical companies, occupational health, free-standing clinics and physician offices, nurse-run clinics, long-term care facilities and camps, cruise ships, and the military service.  Many nurses start their own business as advisers and consultants to the healthcare and insurance industries.  Two resources for such are The National Nurses in Business Association and the Nurse Entrepreneurs Group on LinkedIn.  Examples of consulting positions include legal nurse consulting, geriatric case management, or offering home health services.  Members of American Association of Nurse Attorneyspractice in private law practice, in academia, as litigators and defense attorneys, as legal counsel for healthcare entities, and in health care compliance among other settings.  Nurses also work as researchers in laboratories, universities and research institutions.  Wellness promotion is a large growing segment with companies such as Total Wellness, and resorts such as Club Med also employ nurses for short periods. 



Nurses can develop educational programs from home.  As government support for electronic medical records grows, so do opportunities for nurses in Informatics.  Volunteer opportunities are also plentiful.  Visit Live United for a list of nonprofit agencies needing volunteers. 



Nurses are highly sought after as medical missionary and international volunteers.  GoAbroad.com lists some reliable organizations that offer international volunteer opportunties for nurses.  Visit Nursing Volunteer Abroad.


Groups such as Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization created to honor veterans by transporting them to the Washington, D.C.memorials, need nurse volunteers to accompany each flight.  For more information visit http://www.honorflight.org/.



If you are interested in mentoring, organizations such as I Could Be connects the energy and expertise of mentors from hundreds of professions with the most vulnerable students in the educational system - those that are most at-risk or most in need.  




Post acute care, especially home health care, is expected to be the fastest growing branch of the nursing profession over the next few years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Those with excellent skills in a wide variety of patient care are ideal candidates.  To make yourself more marketable, it is important to develop skills and gain more experience in specialty areas through continued education.

If you are interested in advancing your education, visit Western Schools, exclusive provider of continuing education for nurses on NurseTogether.com.  If you are interested in obtaining a degree online, visit American Sentinel University, offering 10% off single course tuition rates for NurseTogether.com members. 

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