15 Reasons Why Nurses are the Best Relationship Partners

By Sue Heacock on Wed, Nov 06, 2013

date a nurseIf you are currently dating or seeking a nursing relationship, you are at an advantage. After all, you’re a nurse!  There are many positives other than your good looks, nice wardrobe and great personality that your potential significant other gains by dating you. Go ahead and remind him/her how lucky they are to have you. (Okay, maybe not on the first date.)

Some of the positives are obvious, while others—which I call the "hidden" perks—are not so evident.

On the serious side:

  1. Nurses make a comfortable living, are goal-oriented, and future-focused. These are very positive qualities to potential mates seeking a serious and/or long-term relationship. Potential mates look at someone with these qualities as a person who knows what he/she wants and has a plan for getting there. This equals stability!
  2. Nurses are hardworking. We worked hard to get our degrees and licensure, and now toil at work every day. After all, relationships need a serious dose of elbow grease to be successful and long-lasting. They do not simply exist, but, like your flower garden, require constant work and routine maintenance to grow. So when you’re with a nurse, expect him/her to put in that extra effort to make it work.
  3. Nurses are good listeners, complete with understanding and patience. Our work life has taught us to be patient listeners! We are experts at putting ourselves in other people's shoes in understanding his/her position. Dating and building a nursing relationship requires patience, understanding, and good listening skills.
  4. Nurses are compassionate.  Not only are we great listeners, but we are well equipped to help handle difficult situations. We will always "be there"!
  5. We tend not to sweat the small stuff.  When you take care of sick patients all day long, having dirty dishes in the sink or having the toilet seat up are not really big issues to us.
  6. Nurses deal with life and death situations on a daily basis. We tend to handle everyday stressors, which may "freak" some people out, with a quick-witted remark and a smile.

    Now for the "hidden" perks of dating a nurse:
  7. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly involving the human body. Nothing surprises, shocks, or disgusts us! More importantly, we tend not to laugh anymore about anomalies with any human body.
  8. We don't mind the dirtier cleaning jobs around the house. When you empty bedpans for years on end, no cleaning task bothers you.
  9. We have cool work tools your potential mate can play with.
  10. Free medical advice and care, even for his/her family and friends!
  11. We are really good at bed baths—and making beds for that matter.  What other professional has been trained to give baths and make beds? Add to that a one-of-a-kind bedside manner and you've got a combo that's hard to beat. 
  12. We are great at medicating minor headaches and flu symptoms.
  13. We can multi-task like nobody else.
  14. We look good in our nursing scrubs.

    And most importantly:
  15. Your potential mate in that nursing relationship will be proud to say he/she is dating a nurse!


Anonymous 1 month ago
We do it with care...lol

Anonymous 6 months ago
Lots of nurses are goat people too.

Miss ChievousRN 11 months ago
love this!
in return for all these perks, please understand also that your personal nurse is very tired....... ;)

Anonymous 1 year ago
Happy Valentines Day/Week everyone!

Claudia Siers 1 year ago
also my kids like it too!!!!!

Anonymous 1 year ago
Nurses are good relationship partners in many different ways. Not just these. Nice article, though.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Debbie Stevens 1 year ago
Nurses encourage others to be as independently functioning as they can be; not to be any more dependent or have to rely on others than they need to be. Which also means that a spouse is expected to help do their part in taking care of the home and children.

Rick Williams 1 year ago
I could give 15 more why Nurses DON'T make GOOD Mates

Editor AtNT 6 months ago
Actually, not a bad idea. We want to hear why nurses are difficult to get along with. Pretty sure some people may agree with you ;)

1517479685_facebook 1 year ago
Rick, don't let one apple spoil the bunch for you! ;)

Anonymous 1 year ago
Rick must be a teacher.

Rick Williams 1 year ago
But NOT Because They are Bad People, They are Difficult (for lack of a Better word) to get along with

Anonymous 3 years ago
awesome article, so true. I am an LPN2 fixin to graduate the ADN program and involved with a nurse (RN IT specialist). He is wonderful; very supportive in my pursuit of higher education however we are both alike in all of what is mentioned in the article. This relationship is most satisfying.

Gayle Kite 8 months ago
Fixin????????????????????? how disgusting and insulting

Anonymous 4 years ago
Reading this article I could not help but laugh.. Every quality you pointed out on a "typical nurse" is exactly what I thought dating a nurse would be like.. I'm not going to lie, it is a lot of work!! They work their 3 12 hour shifts and naturally they come home completely exhausted and don't want to do anything. Maybe it's just my gf but she continues the "i'm exhausted, i've worked so hard" routine throughout the rest of the week. Simple things like "washing dishes" as you pointed out (at least in my situation) are left for me to do because of laziness...

Here is the real truth about dating a nurse:

1) must be strong, not insecure because everyone flirts with them and they see more penises in a day then in pam anderson whole life.

2) you need to be aware that they probably aren't going to want to do anything when they get home from work.

3) be ready to listen to all their horror stories

4) set rules on what you do and dont want to listen too (in regards to her stories)

5) know how to wash dishes, cook, do laundry, etc., cause she isn't going to do it.

6) the things that happen at work for you will never be worse then the things she has to put up with..

7) you would have to be completely sick (close to dying) to get any attention from her.

8) they may be good at bed baths but your not getting one

9) they're good at hiding their emotions since they are constantly practicing this at work. ( Having to fake a smile)

Anonymous 1 year ago
Your comment is amazing and cracked me up on no. 1 reason. A proud nurse here and i do agree that the guy has no problem with confidence if he start dating a nurse or else it wont work out. just saying base on experience.

Sue Hull 1 year ago
#7, so true! Lol! I am a nurse. I have two daughters who are nurses. I warned their spouses, when they were still engaged, "If you want any sympathy when you are sick, don't marry a nurse!" (Of course, if you are REALLY sick or injured, we are nice to have around.)

Anonymous 4 years ago
waoh!such a good article.my husband appreciate it too.thankyou

Mary X 6 months ago
Replying to "Anonymous": truer words have never been spoken! I'm continually amazed when men/women think nurses/nursing is "sexy" and "hot". Trust me, most of us don't feel that way...it's a serious profession and demanding, physically, emotionally and psychologically. I can totally relate to most of what you listed, esp. coming home exhausted and not wanting to do SQUAT. Sorry. IT IS WHAT IT IS. I am single and try to spare my dating partners agony by not burdening/overly- exposing them to my "stuff" which means spacing dates, etc. when I'm well rested and not cranky/moody. It takes a special man/woman to have a relationship with a nurse. Lots of patience and understanding. But if you can get through it, I guarantee you usually have a gem of a partner. But then, I may be biased, lol.