Poetry In Nursing: HOSPITAL

Hospital, a white stairs and white walls and ceiling,

Noisy beepers beeping. Doctors, nurses calling,

Hospital, place where one’s in it when sick,

The best thing is to get well quick.


First cry can be heard some where around,

Same place when human’s last breathe gets drowned!


Hospital, Beating, Breathing and Bleeding,

Line hooked bloody intravenous working.

Hospital, Hallways of patience and pray,

Steriles, theatres cuts and works everyday.


Hospital, strokes and attacks undergoing surgeries,

A cheers and laughters smiling sense and the worries.

Out of the room, a breathe of relief,

Hospital, a holy place heard of a merry and a grief.


No pray is bigger than the pray to gain a heartbeat.

No place is holy than the hospital bounded with white sheets.

Hospitals working all dawn and dusk, passion and purity and love,

Smiles to save, panics, tears and worries to sweep off.

- Written by Anu Pandey