nursing job, new nursing graduates"I’m a new nursing grad, but I can’t find a job. Why won't anyone give me a chance?" 

My response: there isn't much incentive for employers to "give" someone a chance unless they see clearly how it will benefit them. While the question is likely borne out of discouragement, and understandably so, it undermines the nursing job search.

True, you’re a nurse, not a salesperson. However, you still have to establish your merits on your own and market them accordingly. Understand the need to construct a justification, solicit buy-in, counter opposition, and make the outcome clear and tangible to those in a position to make positive decisions about you.

Re-frame Your Expectations



It is this type of phrasing, about "wanting to be given a chance", that I would encourage you as anew nursing grad to look at closely and re-frame in a way that gives you a greater sense of control. The point is to take control when and where you can - starting with you. This is not a time to be passive. Take action, in truly productive ways. You need to start somewhere. Look at all of your nursing options. Be flexible and mobile.

Reality Check for Nurses

What is so interesting about this current job market is that it has forced you and your peers to take on an unpaid sales and marketing internship in the school of life even though you would probably never pursue a sales position. It runs counter to how you wish to present yourself to others. Get over it.

Reach Out to Nursing Recruiters and Nursing Supervisors



There are so many people out there that can act as strategic allies for you. If you’ve got the skills, talent, and personality needed, you will find that coveted nursing job sooner than later. Attend healthcare networking events. Visit NurseTogether's Job Search.


Make sure you submit an exceptional nursing resume to prospective employers. Make the rounds. Ask what challenges the various organizations are facing and suggest how you can help. Go directly to the best sources of information and decision making authority for your nursing job.  



You can do this!  


New nursing graduates looking for jobs need to be patient. However they also need to strategize a plan their job hunting to ensure that position.