The Realities of Working as a NICU NurseNurse, who specialize in pediatrics devote their knowledge and skills to care kids from infancy through the late teen years and the families. They usually complete training in pediatrics.

How does it feel to be a pediatric nurse? Pediatric nursing means you have to work around kids all the times whenever your shift is. It's not all about playing with them or soothing them with your songs or even getting to know each other.

The reality of it is, you are with sick kids. Kids who either has trouble with their health or dying. I come to work praying or hoping desperately for a calm ICU without that many seriously ill kids. Yes, I am a NICU nurse. Of course, when you work in a mall you cannot expect people to have holidays, can you? Just like how there are no holidays for people working in malls, nurses have to be strong and cool enough to handle those kids in sickness and in health. Yes, that sounded like an oath, right?

Kids cry (oh those cranky noises), they poop (what on earth is that? Is that even a poop?), and I.V lines? (I just opened it, it is now blown up in a minute?) 

Well, these scenarios happen to NICU nurses. What attitude should you have to survive being a NICU nurse?

  1. Patience
    We need that kind of deep patience in order to be able to work in an NICU/PICU department. We need patience to watch over little human children. We need patience for that IV fluids to finish within an hour, to stop the baby‘s cry, to watch for almost everything that happens slowly and steadily. 
  2. Care
    We need to have that sense of caring for these little ones. It's irritating sometimes to leave your kid at home and to care for others but this is life and it's an earning. Fortunately, if you care passionately and lovingly, it feels good when they heal and become better. Trust me it's true!
  3. Quick thinking
    Yes, thinking quickly can make a difference between life and death. You ought to have a critical thinking so you could adapt quickly to your surroundings; to either wrap up quickly or to revert and to let go. 


NICU nursing is not all sunshine and rainbows but if you truly do have a passion for taking care of these little ones, you'd find it a very rewarding career. 

"It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is grateful that makes us joyful."
~David Steindl Rast