Tips for Writing a Nurse Curriculum VitaeWhen considering a nursing position internationally, a detailed CV (curriculum vitae) is most often a requirement.

Nursing practices may differ from country to country, a detailed and informative CV will shed a clearer understanding of your experience to prospective employers. 


Whether creating your first CV or refreshing a current one, gathered a few tips to keep to guide you in writing a stellar CV:  


About Your Personal Details:  


  • Do provide your full name in the following format: first name and then your surname or family name in this order 
  • Don’t forget to write how you would like to be called in parenthesis: Example- Anne Margaret Smith, RN (Margaret) 
  • Do include your current address (if currently working abroad on contract)
  • Don’t forget to note your original or permanent address
  • Do include the country code, city code and number when listing your telephone number
  • Don’t forget to include your email address


About Your Work History/Experience: 

(Remember, this section MUST give a clear picture of your nursing background and must be thorough) 


  • Don’t include any non-nursing related jobs
  • Do make sure there are no chronological gaps in your CV.  (If there are gaps, provide an explanation i.e. pregnancy, maternity leave, taking care of family, etc.)
  • Do include a brief description of the hospital: number of beds, private or public, teaching hospital, trauma center, etc.
  • Do describe unit/ward:  number of beds, types of patients cards, nurse/patient ratio
  • Don’t forget to include your position
  • For OR nurses, Do include number of rooms or theatres in your OR, how many cases are typically seen every day or every month, and include whether you scrub, circulate or both
  • Do include any volunteer nursing positions 


About Your References: 


  • Don’t list references of doctors or personal references who are not nurses  
  • Do list the names, job titles, email addresses or fax numbers, and hospital, along with hospital addresses, of senior nurses (not doctors)  
  • Don’t forget, these references must be nurses who you have worked under, such as a head nurse