Whether the occasion is Nurses Week, Mother's Day, or you simply want to show the person that you care, here are ten ultimate gift ideas for nurses. Remember, to enjoy these gifts, the nurse must contribute the commitment of time. Dare I suggest nurses to take time for themselves? They will have to change their ways at least for a day or two!

  1. Calgon take me away.

    Give the gift of alone time. Don't think a nurse would like this? Think again. Remove everyone from the house for one day – including any loud pets and in-laws. Maybe watch TV, take a long bath, clean the fridge, or take a nap. Whatever it is, it will be a gift from you!

  2. Spa anyone?

    Give the nurse in your life a little pampering. I do not visit a spa frequently (obviously if you look at my picture), but I never miss an opportunity when I receive a spa gift certificate! Give your special nurse the gift of relaxation, rejuvenation, and reinvigoration.

  3. Date night please!

    Hire a babysitter and plan a date night for the nurse in your life. Plan dinner, a movie, a romantic rendezvous, or perhaps an evening of bungee jumping. The operative word in the last sentence is "plan". Make sure you choose an activity he/she would like (no guys, we don't want to go to the hardware store to "look around for just a minute") and plan every aspect of the date! Do anything and everything to show that special person a night of appreciation. Flowers are optional.

  4. Coupon book.
    No, don't send him/her grocery shopping. I can assure you that will not go over well! You can make your own coupon book or many stores offer them for sale. These are coupons for anything from a night of not doing dishes, to a romantic evening alone, to having someone else do the laundry for a weekend. Your nurse gets a year full of gifts!
  5. Weekend away.

    Plan an extended date night. A weekend in Las Vegas, a quick trip to New York, or a tropical getaway are readily available and not too expensive. This gives your nurse a change of scenery, clearer outlook on life, and a wonderful and lasting gift - great memories!

  6. Books.

    This is another gift along the lines of relaxation. Find out their favorite author go to that author's website. Order an autographed book. Most authors offer this service and will put your favorite nurse's name on the book jacket near the signature. Or simply buy the newest novel by his/her favorite author at the local book store.

  7. Gift card. 
    Find out where the exceptional nurse in your life loves to shop. You can never go wrong with a gift card to their favorite store. You have the added bonus of knowing you will not pick out something offensive or laughable to give.
  8. Just surprise me!

    Most people like surprises, at least most I know. Use your imagination and plan something out of the ordinary that they will cherish the gift forever!

  9. Comfortable shoes.

    I threw this one in for those ultra practical gift givers. Nurses can always use a new pair of comfortable shoes or new scrubs.

  10. When all else fails, just ask!

    Don't make the mistake of saying, "I didn't know what to get you, so I didn't get you anything." Nurses would prefer you ask what they would like if you can't come up with something on your own. The old expression "Better than nothing" does not necessarily apply here.

Nurses, what is that one gift you've been waiting to receive? Let everyone know!