Nursing is more than just bedside nursing. There are many specialties within this industry and to find what you want to do as early as you’re in nursing school would go a long way in establishing your professional nursing career.

For this specific article, I would like to delve on the reason why I chose to become a military nurse (specifically a navy nurse).

In the first place, the reason why I chose to be a nurse was because I want to help people and further my education and my experience as a nurse by traveling around and doing different healthcare techniques in different places.

It was from there I decided to become a travel nurse. However, to become a travel nurse you have to have 2 years of experience, you have to be an RN, pass the NCLEX. With those requirements, I thought that means I have to settle and work for two years to gain the experience and apply at an agency to get assigned in different parts of the country.

That was a good idea at that time, I’ll find somewhere to live in the area or I’ll go back home to NC, spending two years somewhere was not a problem for me.

It was around that time when I started thinking about the military. I didn’t even know that the specialty exists! I mean when I think about it, of course, they would need nurses too! They’ll be in war zones and there would be times when they need healthcare so nurses are needed in the military.

So I had to double check if there are any other forms of training that I had to take to become a military nurse. I kept these thoughts to myself for a bit because I didn’t want to alarm my family that I’d probably be joining the military (because when you say military, the first thing that comes in their minds are DEATH) and also I wanted to give time to myself before I commit into anything.

In everything I do, I make sure to ask God about it. “Is this something you want me to do?” was something I asked God; I was looking for a sign or anything to see whether this would be the right job for me. So one day, our instructor asked us to stay behind because there were some special guests who turned out to be Navy Nurse Recruiters.

From that day, I knew I wanted to get into Navy. So I did my research for three weeks and I finally emailed him to get some of my questions answered. Right after I came out of the meeting, I was even more convinced that Navy Nursing was the one for me.

There were a lot of different nursing specialties within the Navy which for to be honest actually works for me because I want to flow as a nurse. I don’t want to be stuck in one specialty; I want to be able to jump around if I want to.

I want to encourage everyone, myself included, to see the world, see the world outside of your little box, and see outside of your home. I don’t want that for anybody and if I can encourage anybody to do anything, I would say “Get out of your box because your box is only gonna hold you back.”