Why My Nursing Job is More Awesome Than Any 9-5 JobFor many, nursing is a calling and a passion, not just a paycheck. Indeed, the profession gives one opportunities other profession do not allow. For me, becoming a nurse completely changed my life and I would never work in any other profession. The following are five reasons nursing is more awesome than any other 9-5 job.

  1. Nursing evolves with you.
    Some nurses have been nurses for decades and for some, it may be a second or third career. Either way, there is a place for everyone in this profession at every point in his or her life. In fact, nurses are encouraged to try different specialties and work in different areas of the hospital, unlike many 9-5 jobs. Thus, if nurses become burned out from one hospital unit, there is always another position available elsewhere, which may be a better fit. The possibilities of nursing are endless.
  2. Learn something new every day, really.
    The field of medicine is ever-changing and constantly advancing. Nurses thrive in variable environments and learn something new every, single day. Whether a bedside nurse or an advanced practice nurse, nurses are given the opportunity to work amongst different patients, who each have distinct physiological problems. Additionally, the stability of these patients can change in an instant; requiring nurses to constantly think “outside the box” and quickly process information. Because each patient is unique (mind, body, and spirit) and medicine is dynamic, nurses are constantly learning. This sure beats the monotony of a cubicle!
  3. Schedule
    Although the 12-hour shifts are tough, nurses’ schedules are much more flexible than a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday gig. For every shift and day of the week, there is a nursing job to match. Thus, for nurses who enjoy working weekends, holidays, and nights (yes, they exist) there is a job available. Likewise, for nurses who prefer 4, 10-hour dayshifts per week, there is a job available. Finally, if a nurse wants to work 9-5, they can even do that too.
    This flexibility is appealing for nurses with family commitments or small children. Most full-time nursing jobs provide a respectable salary with benefits as well, allowing the total package. Finally, the nursing schedule provides room for overtime shifts. If one needs a little extra cash, a weekend, night, overtime shift will likely do the trick.
  4. See different cities as a travel nurse.
    The flexibility of nursing extends beyond the schedule. Nursing is an amazing profession for singles who like to travel or families who have to move around. Nursing jobs are always available in every part of the country. Traveling contracts are a great way to work as a bedside nurse and simultaneously experience the country.
    If a nurse is not technically a traveling nurse, he or she can block off several days at a time to travel around the country without using vacation time. What 9-5 job allows one the opportunity to live in a new city every few months or travel on a monthly basis? Nursing does.
  5. Change lives.
    Perhaps the most awesome aspect of working 12 hours as a nurse is having the ability to change someone’s life every time they work. As a second career nurse, I can attest, there is no feeling to duplicate this one. There are few professions granted with this privilege. Nurses escape the surrounding world of superficiality and experience raw emotion most others are unable to grasp.
    Nurses are present during the best and worst times of people’s lives; they share in birth, death, illness and recovery. Nurses typically spend the most time with patient and are first line healers. In return, when patients and families express their gratitude, it erases every bit of exhaustion or frustration the nurse has experienced during the shift. Nursing allows an opportunity to give back and do truly meaningful work. Most 9-5 gigs do not allow the opportunity to positively affect a human life, but nursing certainly does.


It’s better than any other 9-5 job.


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