8 Reasons Why Nurses are the Best Relationship Partners

Are you single and ready to mingle? Well, the good news is that as a nurse you have a lot of positive attributes that you can bring to any relationship (aside from your beautiful face an undeniable fashion sense). Here are a few of the great qualities that you bring to the table of any great relationship.

  1. Nurses Have Seen It All

As part of our job, we nurses are accustomed to seeing all the weird and gross things that can happen to the human body. This means that we’ve grown used to it and nothing bothers us anymore. Have a boyfriend or girlfriend that needs your help with a particularly stubborn pimple? We can handle it. We’ll also won’t laugh if our partners have what they might consider an embarrassing health issue.

  1. Nurses are Nurturers

Taking care of people is what we do. We want to make sure that everyone around us is comfortable and happy. We’ll prepare the tea, serve sandwiches, fluff pillows, and make sure the room temperature is just right. And a comfortable partner is a happy one, which will definitely lead to relationship success.

  1. Nurses Work Hard

Nursing school is probably one of the most demanding experiences of our lives, and we survived it! The late-night study sessions, the pages and pages of readings due every week, the exams – we succeeded with it all. Now as a practicing nurse, we are used to putting our all into our work. And a successful relationship is nothing if not a bit of work. If you’re concerned that your nurse partner won’t have the strength to put in as much as you do for the relationship, don’t worry; we can handle it and we don’t stop working hard.

  1. Nurses are Patient

Another major component of any functioning relationship is patience. Nurses won’t survive in the field if they lack patience, so if you’ve got yourself a thriving nurse for a significant other, you can count on their ability to be patient with you. Just make sure you return the favor!

  1. Nurses are Nice

Call it compassion, call it empathy – whatever you choose to name it, nurses exemplify kindness and benevolence to those that they come into contact with daily. They often have to deal with patients who don’t exhibit these traits and can often be downright mean. But a good nurse will continue to treat patients kindly regardless of how they treat her. And you can expect the same from your nurse partner – they’ll be nice even if you don’t deserve it (but you should make sure you do!)

  1. Nurses Don’t Worry About Small Things

On an average day, a nurse may be changing catheters, cleaning up vomit, or tending to festering wounds. They have a  lot more to worry about than you leaving the toilet seat up. Now, you should do your best to clean up after yourself, but a nurse just won’t tress too much about a couple of dirty dishes in the sink.

  1. Nurses Multitask

Being able to multitask is a skill that not everyone possesses. It simply isn’t that easy to do a million things at once and do them correctly. A nurse, however, is a multitasking champion. She can manage several patients and their various medications, all while dealing with family members, doctors, and piles of paperwork. If you have something that needs to be done, a nurse has you covered.

  1. They Know How to Deal with Stress

Along with not worrying about small things, nurses are very practiced in knowing how to deal with the big things. In their careers, they will come face to face with death and disability, fear and pain. They are experts in knowing how to manage their emotions and positively deal with stress. When unexpected events come up that affect your relationship, your nursing partner can show you a few effective techniques for managing stress and dealing with emotions.

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