Are you torn between wanting to work days or nights? Every personality has their own preference but this list of why you may be better off as a night shift nurse may help sway your decison in one direction or the other.

  1. You don't like to see your boss or anyone in authority for that matter.

  2. You don't like people, especially those pesky family members.

  3. You hate feeding patients their meals.

  4. You prefer not to speak to doctors in person.
  5. You are nocturnal and sleep better during the day, amongst the living.

  6. You just graduated and need a slower pace.
  7. You just graduated and need the shift differential to pay off your school loans.

  8. You have no desire to see the sun, it's over rated.
  9. You live off of coffee, it is your juice of life.

  10. You prefer shopping at WalMart at 2am on your days off.

  11. You are NOT a morning person; never have been and never plan to be.

  12. You have an exceptional command of all the sleep aids; including time of onset and half-life to insure they are awake by morning.

  13. You enjoy waking people in the middle of the night to make sure they are ok.

  14. You believe that anybody that goes to bed the same day they got up is a quitter!

How did you know you wanted to work nights? Tell us if that is what you prefer in the comments below.