nurse leadership qualitiesWas there a class on nurse leadership that I missed in nursing school? They teach us policies, procedures and techniques, but once you are out in the working world, leadership becomes a big part of your job. You are leading your patients to wellness and away from disease, you are leading your colleagues in the direction of growth and learning, and you may even be leading the doctors into better communication and understanding.

You will be able to do all of this better and with greater impact if you invest a little bit of time, energy, and perhaps even money, into your own personal leadership development.


What does personal leadership mean to you, nurses?


To me, personal leadership encompasses these 5 qualities:


  • Self–confidence. Do you do what you know you need to do? Are you happy with the real you deep down? Do you even remember the real you?



  • Courage. Do you play it ultra safe or are you willing to take thought out risks?
  • Growth. Are you willing to deal with the unknown aspect of change, rather than stay stuck?  Are you continually moving forward and growing?
  • Communication. Whenleading others, are you able to make your requests and/or thoughts known, and be clear and concise?
  • Appreciation. As you appreciate others, do you appreciate yourself?

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