As a nurse, I think we can all agree that our jobs can be very demanding. Part of our daily task is to push, pull and lift a variety of objects, including adaptive equipment, patient’s belongings and the patients themselves. However, it is also important to look after our professionalism no matter what we are doing, for instance, being aware of our nursing scrubs.  

The way we look on our nursing uniforms can indicate our competence and qualification. After all, we are representing our respective institutions.

Many hospitals and other health care facilities now have outlined nursing dress codes, some requiring nurses and unlicensed staff to wear certain colors. But regardless of your institution’s guidelines, there are five scrub fashion blunders that you should avoid.

Being at the front line of the health care field, our patients are expecting us to maintain a level of professionalism. How we present ourselves demonstrates our commitment to patient care.


Nurses, do you have any fashion “no-no’s” to add? What is your opinion about different nursing scrubs faux pas in your workplace?