nursing educationI believe that learning is a lifelong process and you can never have too much nursing education. And I can really speak about this topic because I feel like I have been in school since I came out of the womb!

I have been in school most of my adult life in one capacity or another. For the past three and a half years, I have been fortunate enough to be in school as an online professor. Starting in January, I will be pursing my Masters in Nursing Education even though I already have an MBA.

Why? Because I believe in these 5 reasons to further one's nursing education:

  1. Learning never stops.

    Learning is indeed a lifelong process. It would be impossible to learn all the information out there on all topics. With technology, the information we learn changes over time. We need to update our education to keep abreast of changes in our practice. When you stop learning, you become stale and stagnant in your processes. You lose creativity, initiative, and that professional spark!

  2. Better opportunities.

    Advanced education = better opportunities. I would not be a college professor or nurse manager without my advanced nursing degree. Doors would remain closed without the education I have attained over time.

    Don’t limit your opportunities by being too “lazy,” too “tired,” or too “busy” to go to school. Many employers offer education assistance. There are also nursing grants and scholarships out there so you can’t use finances as an excuse! I plan to spend little out of pocket on my upcoming Master’s Program, though. This will ensure my spot in my current position, as well as opening the door to future opportunities in education.

  3. Better patient care.

    The information you glean in your advanced nursing education will not only assist you as an individual. It will also enhance the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of patient care. Talk about a WIN-WIN situation!

  4. Improvement of the organization.

    Let’s make it a WIN-WIN-WIN! When you bring higher nursing education into your organization, you bring new ideas, creative perspectives, enhanced processes and new information. You can’t help but improve your organization. Why do you think organizations “invest” in the education of their employees?

  5. Just for fun.

    Okay, maybe it’s just me but I enjoy learning. Perhaps that is why my kids used to call me a “geek”? But I digress. How can you not look forward to learning something new and adding to your knowledge base? Advanced nursing education makes you a great nurse and enhances your critical thinking abilities as a human being.