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Welcome To NurseTogether!

Your new home for professional networking, career support and inspiration, education, and social networking with nurse professionals from across the globe.

Create Your Ultimate Member Profile

When you join NurseTogether, you will immediately have access to the most advanced, personalized and useful member profile of any professional networking site on the web! 

You choose to "be public" or "be private" with your profile, posts, contacts, and interests. 

You choose what type of content, professional and personal topics, education, career and lifestyle information you want streaming on your personalized home page. 

You pick and choose the special widgets to display on your profile, so you can receive as much or as little updates and content as you want!

Basically, the new NurseTogether website customizes everything to your individual tastes, interests, and need for information.  No other professional networking site in the world can give you the customized experience that you are about to enjoy!

Network with Nursing Professionals

The new NurseTogether website creates thousands of opportunities for you to connect and network with nurse professionals from across the globe!

Be "public" or be "private" with the information you share and post to your connections.

Every time you sign-in to your home page, you will see a real-time feed of what your connections have been doing, based on your choice of how much or how little you want to see!

Grow Your Career

Set up your customized job feed to send you only the jobs and location you're interested in.

Interact directly with the employer instead of "submitting your resume to a blind email box."

Customize your settings to have the brand new job openings sent to your email box.

Network with employers and professional recruiters on NurseTogether to help you discover the best career opportunities available for your interests!

Expand Your Talents

Which universities and nursing schools offer the degree program you want?  At the location you want?

Use the NurseTogether Degree Engine to search both online programs and degrees to brick-and-mortar campus programs and degrees.

And coming soon, you will be able to compare degree programs by the choices and selections that are important to you!

Rate & Review Schools

As a nursing professional, you now have the opportunity to rate and review previous and current employers, schools and online colleges, recruiting companies, and special products and services!

You can rate and review "anonymously" or "publicly". 

Help your nursing peers, connections and upcoming nursing students by rating and reviewing entities you have had experience with!

NurseTogether is your community and your collection point for everything in your nursing profession, career and social life.  These ratings and reviews will help build a stronger and more aware nursing community.

5 Reasons Why You Should Join the New NurseTogether Today!

  1. Privately or publicly network with nursing professionals around the globe, you choose the information that you want people to see, or not see, about you.
  2. Customize the articles, content, jobs, videos and connection updates that you want to see in your daily stream.   You set the controls and you decide what you want to see!
  3. Store your career documents, certifications and professional credentials securely online inside your own NurseLocker, then receive reminders when certifications are expiring!
  4. Rate and review employers, schools and online colleges, and recruiting companies either anonymously or publicly, you choose the level of privacy that suits you best.
  5. Grow your career with the industry's best Job Search Engine and Education Engine by customizing everything to be delivered to you based on your input!

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