nursing jobsWhen you tell others you are a nurse, they automatically assume that you work in a hospital, taking care of patients, working 12 shifts for a living. On the surface, nursing presents itself as a “hands-on only” profession, not adaptable to telecommuting. Surprisingly, nursing can take many forms including work-from-home jobs as part of a virtual nurse team.

Many companies are utilizing work-from-home models to provide services to hospitals, clinics and insurance companies. This option can not only save money, but for the right candidate, it provides a high-level of job satisfaction. With gas prices at record highs, rush-hour traffic and long commutes, working from home becomes even more attractive.

What's it Like to Work from Home?

As a nurse, it is a great alternative for those who desire the flexibility and commute-free environment home office can bring.  

Some work-from-home nursing jobs may include:

  • Case Managers
  • Clinical Nurse Educators
  • Home Health Nursing
  • Telephonic Case Review Nurses
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Telephone Triage/Call Support Nurses

Home based positions require years of experience in the target area of expertise with a solid clinical background. Nurses working from home are typically highly experienced, well trained experts in their respective clinical fields with excellent communication and time management skill sets.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Working at home may not be an ideal scenario for every nurse. Being away from the hospital requires mental preparation as you begin your life outside of the clinical environment. “Virtual Nursing” lacks the daily team and social aspects of having co-workers within close proximity. Office parties and holiday gatherings are a thing of the past in the “virtual world”. Having lunch with a co-worker is virtually non-existent.

Working from home also keeps you in the same environment with your household chores, husbands, wives and children. In addition to greater time-management skills, the ability to set boundaries between work and family is also critical in maintaining work-life balance.

When considering changing your nursing career to a “work from home” or “virtual nurse” option, think about which opportunity best suits your personality, family and lifestyle.

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