nursing schoolThere's an article I wrote about the importance of education for nurses called "Five Reasons to Further Your Nursing Education." But if those were not enough, I am going to dig further. If you answer yes to these 5 questions, it’s truly time to go back to nursing school.

  1. “How do I operate this?"

    If you find yourself lost while trying to understand all these new technologies, it is time to return to school. As a nurse, you need to keep up with both hands-on patient care skills and technological advances. Nursing education is the way to keep current.

  2. “What is a megabyte?”

    The majority of hospitals and physician offices are now using electronic medical records (EMRs). Don’t get left behind! You have to be computer savvy in both EMRs and other computer programs to be successful in your practice.

  3. “Why is my boss 20 years younger than me?” 

    If you begin to notice the team leaders and your nurse managers on your unit are much younger than you, you may want to advance. And of course, the answer is to enroll again in nursing school. If you were to review their resumes you will likely find that they have higher degrees than you do. They have opened more doors for themselves—you can do the same!

  4.  “Why does my practice seem stagnant?” 

    If you have been working in the same area for a long period of time, you may see your nursing job more like a “chore” and have nothing new to look forward to. If you increase your education you will learn new ideas, learn more innovative ways of doing what you currently do, and light your creative spark!

  5. "Why are the certified nurses making more money than me?”

    Of course, you can get a bigger paycheck when you gain more skills and credentials. And you do not have to study for years. Get education in your specialty area instead. For example, I am a COHN-S (Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist). I know this certification assisted me in getting hired at my current management job. As such, I have no doubt that going back to nursing school has made me a better nurse in my field.