Learn The ABCs! Common Words with Medical MeaningsI admit to a boring life filling my off-hours thumbing through Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary. It just wouldn’t be right to learn these interesting words and not share.

Did you know them?


  1. Abduct – movement of a limb away from the body
  2. Accommodation – self-adjustment of the eye muscles to improve focus
  3. Arcade – anatomical structure composed of a series of arches
  4. Asteroid – star shaped
  5. Atlas – the first cervical vertebra
  6. Attic – a recess in the middle ear
  7. Attitude – bodily posture or position
  8. Audition – ability to hear
  9. Axis – the second cervical vertebra



  1. Babygram - a complete x-ray of an infant.
  2. Baffle - part of an aerosol nebulizer treatment.
  3. Barn - a unit of measure in Chemistry and Physics.
  4. Bingo card - packaging of medications in blister packs.
  5. Body work - treatment for relieving stress or pain such as a massage.
  6. Bossing - bulging of the front of the skull.
  7. Butterfly - a type of bandage or needle.



  1. Calculus – a stone
  2. Camera – a chamber or cavity
  3. Caput – the head
  4. Chunk – a single unit of memory
  5. Cleavage – a term for the division of a fertilized egg
  6. Click – an abnormal heart or joint sound
  7. Cluttering – a disorder of speech fluency
  8. Commitment – confining a patient without their consent
  9. Compensation – overcoming malfunction of an organ by increasing function of another
  10. Complement – a group of proteins in the blood that aid in immunity
  11. Constitution – functional habits of the body
  12. Convert – changing an abnormal heart rhythm to a normal one
  13. Corona – any structure resembling a crown
  14. Crackle – abnormal lung sounds
  15. Crypt – a small cavity in the skin

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