When Your 'Why' Has To Be Bigger Than Your 'But'

By Connie Huff on Wed, Apr 11, 2012

fight fatNo, nurses, this is not going to be another “Rah, Rah!” motivational health and fitness speech to create the "best-you" possible. Motivation is great but only lasts until your first temptation and then, “poof”, it vanishes.

I turned 40 in March of 2009. I was 240 pounds, miserable, disgusted, exhausted, and frustrated. I had a great marriage, a successful career as a nurse entrepreneur; I had just finished writing my first book, and we were in great shape financially, but this horrible image that stared back at me from the mirror haunted and consumed me. As my husband took my "fat picture"—again, I could remember the feeling of utter despair. I had almost a hundred pounds to lose—the thought was paralyzing. How Connie? How am I going to do this? I had tried literally everything, so why was this time going to be different? My mother had passed away the year before from a massive hemorrhagic stroke and a lifetime of health complications. She had been a nurse for over 40 years. My Dad was also suffering from crippling rheumatoid arthritis, having been on steroids for close to 30 years. He too looked and felt much older than his age.

Somehow, I always knew that I had a great figure hiding underneath all of the flab. I just didn’t know how to find it.

My ‘why’ had to be bigger than my ‘but’…

This was my impetus, not my skinny jeans, although I would be lying if I said that didn’t appeal to me. But truth be told, I would rather enjoy movie theatre popcorn than do the work of getting into those jeans. No, my 'why' had to be bigger this time. At age 40, and a nurse, I knew what the health risks were. If I kept on this path, I would have full blown diabetes in 5 years; heart disease would soon follow, and so on. I was too young to feel this miserable. I knew I was at a precipice, a jumping-off point where my health would take a nose dive if I didn’t do something about it, and soon. I swore to myself that “no matter what," I would lose this weight.

Nursing skill and research transformed my life.

I knew another nationally franchised weight loss chain was not going to be my answer, as they never were. I needed to understand my own unique physiology. I used my nursing research skill to really delve into the physiology of fat storage, and fat utililization; how the body responds to different types of food, stress, hormonal changes, environment, exercise, sleep, mental attitude, and I finally found the answers that had been so elusive to me. Within one year, I had lost 80 pounds and competed in my first physique competition.  I especially researched women over age 35. 

Thirty-five is that magical age when you wake up one day and realize you really are closer to 40 than to 20—bummer. You begin having vague symptoms that you really don’t attribute to anything in particular, you just know you feel tired. Your critical thinking skills are foggy and fuzzy, and recall isn’t happening as quickly as it used to. You begin to notice those fine lines, and weird bumps and calluses on your arms and knees, and think to yourself, “I need a loufa.”  The stress of work, lack of regular, sound sleep, and the temptations of “patient-gratitude-foods”, play a huge role in disrupting our hormonal symphony.

Since I am a results oriented person, my empirical data confirmed what the research was saying: fat loss is a 100 percent hormonal event.

The "Why" of fat storage overshadows my "But", as I now know how to make calculated, fun choices that support a beautiful harmonious symphony of health.nurse weight loss success story

I actually feel very blessed and fortunate to have gone through my 40-year struggle, because I now have the distinct pleasure of being able to serve others and help them achieve their formerly elusive goals. If you would like to get started and become equipped with the knowledge to help you achieve your best health, and best body possible, visit www.eliminatefatnow.com for the latest in my research and techniques to help women finally radiate true beauty from the inside out.