Certified Nursing Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Now that you’ve survived nursing school and have gotten your certification to become a nursing assistant, it’s time to look for that dream job! Getting your resume and applications is the first step, but once you’ve landed an interview, you need to be prepared. The following are a few questions that you’ll most likely be asked during your interview and a suggested way to tackle the answer. Keep reading to get more prepared for your interview.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

This question is so open-ended that it’s difficult to know how to tackle it. It’s important to cover your bases a bit and not just focus only on the personal stuff or only on the professional stuff. Instead, incorporate your interests, personality, and professional experience to get the most out of the answer. Here’s an example of what we mean:

“I’m definitely a people-person. I can get along well with everyone and can adapt my personality to the situation. Because of my flexibility with people, I am a great team player. In my last position as a server at a restaurant, I worked well with my team, always helping others out if they needed it. I never say no to something that I can feasibly do. I’d love to put my people skills to good use in the health industry and I’m excited to join a team of other motivated nurses and assistants. I’m also great with customers and take a special interest in getting to know the people that I’m serving. I’m a pretty patient person, so I don’t have a problem working with “difficult” people.  During my studies, I also worked two part-time jobs to pay for my living expenses and tuition, so I’m confident in my abilities to multi-task and withstand long hours without losing energy.”

Why do you want to work as a CNA?

In this question, you’ll want to emphasize your passion for working in health care, whatever that means to you. You might consider starting by addressing what got you interested in the first place and then go from there.

“When I was a child, I was constantly running around trying to help people. From helping my mom around the house to helping siblings with their homework or chores, I knew from a very early age that helping people was my calling. As I learned more in school, I found out that I loved science, biology in particular. I quickly gained a strong interest in how the human body works. It wasn’t long before I figured out that I could combine these two passions into one career path and discovered that nursing was the right place for me. Now, with the knowledge I’ve gained in school, I’m confident in my skills and abilities to help people. That, combined with my desire to help people, is why I want to work as a CAN.”

Why did you leave your last place of employment?

There are a lot of reasons why you could have left your last job, but you’ll want to avoid any kind of negative answer. If you hated your boss, don’t say that. If you weren’t getting paid enough, you don’t need to mention that either since it could look like you’re just looking for money instead of a fulfilling position. Try the following:

“I was able to learn so much at my last job and practice some skills. In fact, I found out that I had a talent for communicating with others in tense situations during that job. Towards the end of my time there I felt that I had grown as much as I could in that position. I am eager to try a new position where I can learn and grow even more. “

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is another difficult question to answer. You may not know where you will be headed in one year, let alone five! The one thing you want to avoid is insinuating that you are only using the position for which you are interviewing as a steppingstone to a better position.

“My plan is to work as a certified nursing assistant for a few years while I learn the ropes of nursing and working in a hospital. Once I feel comfortable, I intend on pursuing a  licensed practical nursing degree. I know that working at this hospital will help me get the skills I need to one day achieve that LPN degree and I look forward to working for this hospital in a new and challenging role further down the line.”

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