List of Nursing Associations

If you’re new to the nursing world, you should know that there are so many nursing organizations out there for you to join. These organizations provide a sense of community, a place to learn and grow as a nurse, and offer networking and career opportunities. While there are hundreds of professional nursing organizations to choose from, we’ve gathered up a few of the most helpful for new nurses. Have a look at the list below:

  1. American Nurses Association

Perhaps one of the best know nursing organizations in the US, the ANA offers a massive online library to members which includes medical information and current research. They also provide members-only webinars over a wealth of subjects and specialties, so there’s always something new to learn from them. A membership in the ANA is an impressive addition to any new nurse’s resume, and free access to medical journals and magazines means you’ll stay current on the newest innovations in nursing. Because the membership is so large, you’ll have an incredible network as soon as you join.

  1. American Red Cross

Joining the Red Cross gives you amazing opportunities. If you love to travel, volunteering with this organization may allow you to travel to communities around the country and the world to help offer support and care to victims of natural or man-made disasters. Because the Red Cross is so well-known, being actively involved in their efforts means that you’ll stand out as a candidate for any nursing position.

  1. National Student Nurses Association

If you are still a nursing student, this is the perfect organization for you to join. The information and resources available through the National Student Nurses Association are directed specifically towards students and will help you exceed in your educational journey. They also offer incredible amounts of support for those seeking employment when they graduate. In-person meetings for educational and professional development will help you build leadership skills and a deep understanding of the field.

  1. Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

While this organization is aimed at hospice nurses in particular, it is a worthwhile association to check out for nurses in any specialty. Death is a natural part of the nursing field and you will have to face it more often than you might like. This group offers access to crucial information regarding end-of-life care that is valuable for any practicing nurse. They also practice a mentor-mentee situation, so finding support as you deal with the death of a patient is easy with this network of professionals.

  1. The National League for Nursing

This organization is the oldest professional nursing association in the United States. Founded in 1893, the NLN focuses mostly on improving the skills and abilities of nurses in education. Professional development, research grants, and the opportunity to network with thousands of qualified nurses are with the NLN brings to the nursing table. This is a particularly good organization for nursing faculty to join.

  1. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses

The AMSN boasts more than ten thousand members around the nation. As the largest subspecialty in nursing, the medical-surgical brand of nurses can take advantage of the many professional opportunities offered by this prestigious organization. Career guidance for budding surgical specialist nurses is an invaluable resource provided, along with access to journals and magazines for the medical-surgical specialty.

  1. The Emergency Nurses Association

The emergency department is an infamously difficult department to work in for nurses. Most nurses working here report excess stress levels and even physical pain. The ENA, which has a current membership of over 40,000 members, provides support to nurses in this department through continuing education opportunities and a massive network of professional ER nurses. Further access to clinical resources means that professional development is within easy reach for nurses who seek it out.

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