Write the Next Chapter of the Nursing Profession — Volunteer Now!

By Mary Frances McMahon on Fri, Jan 24, 2014

nurse volunteerMost of us go through life never fully realizing our ability to make a lasting impact in the nursing profession and the world. We hold ourselves back from experiencing the journey of a lifetime. But we can make a difference by being a volunteer nurse.

Why Should I Volunteer?

All of us are ordinary people with flaws and imperfections. We struggle along in life trying to do the best we can for ourselves and others, just like everyone else. At times, it’s hard living our lives in a world that’s challenging and at times disappointing.

But what if you had the opportunity to write the next chapter of your life in a way that was significant and meaningful, so much so that it would change your life forever as a person and professional nurse? Would you do it? Would you risk it?

Because when you pave a personal and professional road to significance, everything changes. It’s more than just making a difference at your job, with friends or family or even everyday activities.

The Road to Significance

When you travel the road to significance, you begin to see things differently. You think different, act different, and even do your nursing job differently. There are no words to explain it. You have to personally join a service outreach trip in order to understand it. These profound experiences create lasting impressions which change us from the inside out. They are personal, riveting and life-changing.

When you plant a professional legacy of love in the world, you leave an important piece of yourself that’s been left behind and never forgotten. It has your unique nursing blueprint on it, a piece of the chapter in your life that takes the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary.

That’s because when you volunteer as a nurse, you do something out of sacrificial love with your gifts and talents. You’re tapping into a different part of yourself. Every life you touch, every person you help, every hand you help is cherished and it creates an enormous ripple effect that’s handed down from generation to generation.

The most important piece of it all is that you are changed. It's never just one-sided. You get more from serving than what you give and your role and ability as a nurse takes on a whole new meaning.

You can write a new chapter in your nursing career.

How to Join Nurses for the Nations

Nurses for the Nations would love for you to experience the journey of a lifetime in parts of the world that desperately need you, your gifts and your talents.

Most of all, we would like to ask you if you would like to be part of a dynamic team of nurses. They are already writing the next chapter in their professional lives by delivering competent care to indigenous men, women and children who need  their gifts as nurses, but most importantly, their love and compassion as human beings.

If you are interested in being a part of one of our trips, simply contact us at info@nursesforthenations.org and we'll get you started. We will take you through the process. It’s simple, easy and we assist you every step of the way.

The public supports our work through donations, so as a result your service costs for travel, food and accommodations are covered as a part of our program. These include other legitimate program expenses, so we can impact areas and people who desperately need our care and nursing expertise.

We do testing, we do treatment, we do training. But most of all, we share the hope and message of a loving God to men, women and children who want  to hear 'good news' - that 'special' word and gentle reminder that they are cared about and loved.

We also welcome nursing students!

So spread the word. Email us and we’ll send you an application. As soon as it's complete, we'll introduce you to your nurse leader and start you on your significant journey as a volunteer nurse. We promise you, your life and your heart will never be the same. Click here to apply.