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Maegan Wagner, BSN, RN, CCM

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD/CRF) Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) or Chronic renal failure (CRF) is characterized by a progressive and irreversible loss of kidney function.  Since the kidneys are highly adaptive organs, kidney disease is often not identified right away until there is already a considerable loss of nephrons. Patients with CRF are often asymptomatic and early symptoms may not … Read more

Edema Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Edema is swelling caused by fluid build-up in the tissues. It can occur in any part of the body but is most noticeable in the arms, hands, legs, and feet.  Edema is a common finding and may go away on its own or may be a symptom of an underlying health condition, an allergic reaction, … Read more

Diverticulitis Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Diverticular disease (diverticulosis and diverticulitis) is a group of conditions associated with the presence of diverticula (bulging pouches) in the colon. Diverticulosis is the presence of multiple pouches in the colon and is often asymptomatic. Diverticulitis is when these diverticula become inflamed or infected, causing symptoms. While diverticula may occur anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract, … Read more

Pulmonary Embolism Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blockage of one or more pulmonary arteries by a blood clot. Large emboli obstruct pulmonary blood flow, causing reduced oxygenation, reduced gas exchange, decreased perfusion, pulmonary tissue hypoxia, and even death.  Most PEs occur due to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the lower extremities when a thrombus breaks off and … Read more

Chest Pain (Angina) Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Chest pain or angina is the discomfort a person experiences when the heart does not get enough oxygen. Chest pain is not a disease itself, but a symptom of an underlying cause. The pain felt in angina can be described as squeezing, dull, sharp, crushing, or burning. Severe chest pain may be described as extreme … Read more

Substance Abuse Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Substance abuse is a serious problem impacting the healthcare system and society as a whole. Substance abuse can refer to the use of illegal drugs, excessive use of alcohol, or the misuse of prescription or over-the-counter medications. Substance abuse often has negative physical, emotional, and social outcomes. Several factors may contribute to substance abuse including … Read more

Nausea Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Nausea is an unpleasant sensation in the throat, epigastric area, or abdomen that may cause a conscious desire to vomit but doesn’t always lead to vomiting.  Nausea may occur in relation to gastrointestinal problems like infection, overeating, acid reflux, obstruction, and more. Nausea may also be related to anxiety disorders, as a side effect of … Read more

Mental Health Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Mental health is an essential aspect of overall health and involves a person’s psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It affects the way a person feels, thinks, and acts and determines how a person relates to others, handles stress, and makes decisions.  Mental health problems or illnesses can arise anytime throughout a person’s life. Various factors … Read more

Blood Transfusion Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Blood primarily functions as a main transporter of oxygen, nutrients, and waste products to and from the different parts and organs of the body. Blood and blood products may be transfused to a patient in a procedure referred to as blood transfusion. This potentially life-saving procedure helps replace blood lost due to injury or surgery, … Read more

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) occurs when a person suddenly stops or reduces drinking after heavy alcohol consumption.  Alcohol is a CNS depressant. With heavy and chronic alcohol use, the body and brain will start to become dependent. When the depressant is stopped, the brain becomes overexcited which results in side effects of withdrawal. These symptoms … Read more