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Complete List of Nurse Strikes (2020-2024)

This article covers close to 100 nurse strikes that took place in the United States over the last few years. For every strike, we include reasons, outcomes, and multiple references. This article is regularly updated and our goal is to keep track of all notable nurse strikes happening in the US. The number of nurse … Read more

Fundamentals of Nursing: NCLEX Practice Questions

We prepared a quiz of practice test questions on the fundamentals of nursing, similar to the ones you’ll find in the NCLEX exam. This test bank of 25 multiple choice questions will challenge your knowledge of nursing fundamentals in several categories, including Physiological Adaptation, Pharmacology, Basic Care & Comfort and Safety & Infections. 1. Question … Read more

Nursing in Australia: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

As a nurse in the USA, you’re very familiar with the variety of certifications, qualifications, degrees, exams, and everything else that goes into becoming a great nurse. But do you know what other countries require of their nurses? If you’ve ever considered moving out of the US to practice nursing elsewhere, there are a few … Read more

5 Strategies for a Culturally Competent Patient Care

Those in the healthcare world have certain obligations that need to be fulfilled in order to be considered effective and successful. Being kind, compassionate, and empathetic in care is the desired goal, but it can be difficult sometimes. As a nurse, you might find yourself dealing with patients, coworkers, or situations that are hard to … Read more

How to Write an Exceptional Nursing Resume

Creating an amazing resume is daunting in the best of times for any profession, but there’s just something about creating a great nursing resume that seems particularly challenging. However, it is just one of those things that needs to be done if you want to find the best employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for your … Read more

4 Qualities of Caregiver Excellence

Providing care to those in need, whether it’s a family member or a patient in a hospital, is a difficult job, especially for those that aren’t officially trained in that capacity. However, even those caregivers that aren’t necessarily certified and licensed can offer excellent service to family members in need. As long as they embody … Read more

5 Things Nurses Can’t Live Without

People in every position probably have a list of things they need to survive in their field. Teachers rely on coffee and the infamous red pen; accountants definitely need calculators; food servers need that pad of paper and pen to take orders. Nursing is no different in the fact that they generally have a few … Read more

The Journey of a Legal Nurse Consultant

If you are a nurse, you know that there are many facets of the profession that many people don’t think about. The Legal Nurse Consultant is a position that often goes unnoticed yet is totally necessary in the nursing field. If you are interested in becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant, the journey ahead of you … Read more

7 Signs You’ve Found a Great Nursing Job

After graduating from nursing school, you probably spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect job. You most likely attended several interviews and toured a lot of facilities. And finally, you found a position and were hired – congratulations! But how do you know if the job you’ve found is a good one or just … Read more

Lateral Violence: Ending Incivility in the Nursing Profession

Working in a hospital is a high-pressure environment. There is chaos, confusion, patient demands, family problems, and tension amongst coworkers. There’s simply no getting around the stress that nursing brings to our daily lives. One negative trend that thrives on this tension is that of lateral violence. Lateral violence is the hostile or aggressive behavior … Read more