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Stories of Nursing Inspiration

When I entered nursing school, I was much older than my classmates. I began school as I approached my 40th birthday, struck by a sudden desire to put my natural knack for nurturing to good use. As my only child had just entered college, I found myself, a stay at home mom with no one … Read more

What Does Professionalism in Nursing Really Mean?

Professionalism is a ubiquitous concept; you hear it in relation to how employees treat customers and other employees, and how supervisors and managers ought to treat employees. Yet it can be difficult to define objectively. If we look at the root of the word – “profession” – we see that it is a code of … Read more

16 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Be a Nurse

Being a nurse is difficult. As a nurse, you work tirelessly for the health of our families, friends, and loved ones. You are relied upon to utilize your skilled and tender care by people from all over the world. While nursing has its beautiful moments, there can be a lot of challenges and difficulties that … Read more

5 Advantages of Continuing Nursing Education

As a nurse, you are a highly educated and qualified employee. You are up to date on the latest procedures, treatments, and even laws. Or are you? If it’s been a while since you were in nursing school and you haven’t pursued any continuing education, there is a big chance that you might be a … Read more

Nursing Care for the Elderly: Tips in Managing Depression

Geriatric nursing is a very special calling that requires a lot from its workers. With such a unique population at its focus, elder healthcare often provides challenging situations that can be difficult to navigate. From decreasing physical abilities to often waning mental capacity, the trials of getting older seem to be never-ending. As an elder … Read more

Different Scopes of Nursing Practice Explained

In healthcare, there is a wide variety of types of caregivers. The range of certification and licensure varies extensively, as do the duties they incur. With so many different professions in one giant field, it’s important to know the scope of each type of practice. If you’ve ever wondered about the different scopes of nursing … Read more

Major Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Each day, nurses face situations that they may not know how to deal with, despite years in the profession. These situations usually involve some type of ethical decision that must be made. These ethical dilemmas pop up in every hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility on a daily basis. If you’ve ever encountered this type … Read more

Hot Nursing Career Paths

Having made it through the agony of nursing school and passed your exams, you are a certified nurse, ready to work! Congratulations! You may be wondering now how to go about getting a job and what exactly you should do now. Luckily for you, there are lots of career paths that you can choose; it’s … Read more

The Wound Care Nurse

One might think a nurse is automatically certified to treat all manner of diseases and illnesses. However, the modern Advanced Practice Nurse must be specially trained and certified in the realm of wound care. For more information on wound care certified nurses, read on. The History of Wound Care In the contemporary era of nursing … Read more

Ace Your Exams With These Study Tips for Nursing Students

Beginning nursing school is a dream come true for many young people every year. It’s exciting to get on the path that will lead to your ultimate career goal of becoming a nurse. However, getting through nursing school is a challenging endeavor, and unless you are prepared and know more or less what to expect, … Read more