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No Nurse is an Atheist

Nursing is a profession that requires a lot from those who work in it. A good nurse must be motivated, empathetic, kind, and compassionate. They must also possess a level of spiritual fortitude to remain productive in this line of work. In fact, many nurses rely on a faith system to lead them in their … Read more

Beyond the Bedside: Oncology Nursing

When a person is diagnosed with any type of cancer, they will become very familiar with the oncology team. They will turn to them for care and treatment. The oncology nurse is one person that the patient will probably interact with the most. If you find yourself in a situation where oncology is part of … Read more

Unhealthy vs. Healthy Relationships: Power of Positive Thinking

It’s no secret that we take on the attitudes of people we spend a lot of time with. From siblings and parents to coworkers to significant others, attitudes, opinions, beliefs, and emotions are easily exchanged back and forth. If you’re lucky, you’re surrounded by positive people; if not, you know how frustrating it can be … Read more

7 Real Life Tips for Nursing Students Going Back to School

Going to nursing school is a great option that will lead to an amazing career in the world of healthcare. Going back to nursing school presents a variety of challenges for those students who have been away for a while. Whether you are getting back after a regularly scheduled semester break, or if you are … Read more

Is the Nursing Profession an Art or Science?

The profession of nursing, like most other professions, includes two distinct facets, like the sides of a coin. On one hand, you have the pure science of the job – the dirty work, the knowledge, the mechanics and logistics. On the other hand, you have the art – the beauty of taking care of others … Read more

8 Common Problems in the Nursing Profession

Working in the world of healthcare is a goal for many people, and with good reason. It is fulfilling, rewarding, and monetarily lucrative. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without problems. Nurses face a lot of challenging issues in their profession, regardless of geographical location or paygrade, and they can be quite difficult to … Read more

Nursing Beyond the Bedside: Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric nurses are often looked down upon in the field, but let it be known that geriatric care is a necessity as we see our population living to higher ages than ever before. Indeed, those nurses that care for the elderly are qualified and extremely knowledgeable. Geriatric care managers, like geriatric nurses, are experienced in … Read more

3 Tips to Look Great in Your Nursing Uniform

Scrubs: the epitome of high fashion, right? Um, not so much. As a nurse, you probably struggle with how to feel confident about the way you look at work when your uniform is not the most flattering set of clothing to be seen. But have no fear – looking good at work, even in scrubs, … Read more

Which Is Better, the 8 or 12-Hour Nursing Shift?

While the 12-hour shift has become the norm for nurses, some hospitals and institutions provide nurses with an 8-hour shift as well. There are differences between each shift, and nurses can choose which shift they want based on the variety of employers and what they offer. The main difference between an 8 and 12-hour nursing … Read more

Does Advanced Education Make You a Better Nurse?

As a licensed nurse, you may be confident in your abilities. However, it is more likely that the longer you work in nursing, the more you come to realize that there is a lot that you don’t know. If this sounds like you, it might be time to look into continuing your nursing education. If … Read more