Your Travel Nursing Guide

If you’re a working nurse looking for a change of pace, chances are you have heard about travel nursing. Indeed, travel nursing can be an excellent alternative to the occasional boredom of being a “regular” nurse in a hospital or clinic. To help you out, we’ve gathered tons of the best information to create for … Read more

3 Common Medical Errors in Nursing and How to Avoid Them

It’s fairly common knowledge that no one is perfect, so it’s a good idea to realize now that you won’t always perform your nurse duties perfectly. Even if you graduated at the top of your class and have received recognition for your devotion to healthcare, all while maintaining great nurse-patient relationships and getting along with … Read more

SOAPIE: Effective Means to Good Nursing Documentation

Good documentation is a major part of a nurse’s responsibilities at work. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult parts of the job to do well. In this article, we’ll look at a unique strategy to help you improve your documentation skills and become an even better nurse. Why Document? There are a lot … Read more

To Join or Not to Join a Nursing Union

There’s no word more divisive in an employment setting as “union.” It makes employers nervous and employees concerned about job security. But sometimes, it is in everyone’s best interest to join a union. If you’ve heard about a local nursing union or you’re looking into joining one, keep reading for some pros and cons of … Read more

Certified Nursing Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Now that you’ve survived nursing school and have gotten your certification to become a nursing assistant, it’s time to look for that dream job! Getting your resume and applications is the first step, but once you’ve landed an interview, you need to be prepared. The following are a few questions that you’ll most likely be … Read more

Making an Effective and Professional Nursing End-of-Shift Report

Creating a proper end-of-shift report is a crucial part of ensuring patient safety and a smooth transition from the outgoing shift of nurses to the incoming one. While it’s definitely enticing to zip out of work as quickly as possible and skimp on the report, you should understand that this is a critical step to … Read more

25 Sample Nursing Interview Questions You Should Answer

As you graduate from nursing school, your next task is to find a job in your new career path. This is a very exciting time and could lead you to new and interesting places. Ideally, you’re confident about your skills and the knowledge you have built up over the past few years. But now comes … Read more

Gaining the Respect of Your Co-workers

It is the goal of every person, and certainly every nurse, to gain the respect of the people around them. Respect is a signifier that you are doing your job correctly and that people appreciate you as a person as well as a nurse. But as we all know, respect is earned and not simply … Read more

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Male Nurse

Like teaching and other fields that are seen as “nurturing,” nursing is a female-dominated career, and is one area that lacks gender diversity in the US. While there are men entering the profession, they aren’t doing so at the rate that women are. And now with the nursing shortage being experienced around the world, we … Read more