4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Nursing as a Career

If you’re looking for a great career path, look no further! Nursing is one of the best jobs you can have, so if you’ve decided on getting into the field, you’ve made a great choice! If you’re still pondering whether it’s right for you, we’ve gathered the top five reasons why you should choose a … Read more

Workplace Stress: 6 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Nursing Job

Nursing is a great career choice, but there’s no denying that it comes with certain unpleasant side effects. In fact, working in healthcare is notoriously bad for one’s health, ironically. Many nurses and doctors struggle with obesity, joint pain, back pain, premature aging, sleep problems, depression, and anxiety. It’s impossible to pinpoint what the culprit … Read more

Why Is a BSN Necessary for Nurses?

When thinking about becoming a nurse, one of the critical questions to ask yourself is which path you want to take to get there? A BSN is a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and can provide many additional benefits than an ADN, which is an associate’s degree in nursing. Both can allow you the opportunity to … Read more

7 Signs You’ve Found a Great Nursing Job

After graduating from nursing school, you probably spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect job. You most likely attended several interviews and toured a lot of facilities. And finally, you found a position and were hired – congratulations! But how do you know if the job you’ve found is a good one or just … Read more

What Causes Nurse Burnout, and How Do You Prevent It?

Professional burnout is not limited to nursing, but it cannot be denied that nurses experience this burnout on a particularly painful level. With a job as demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually as nursing, it’s impossible not to experience at least some level of burnout, whether that’s after months, years, or decades in the field. The … Read more

5 Steps to Finding a Nurse Mentor Who Will Lead You to Success

If you’re just starting out as a nurse, it’s never to early to look for a mentor. Finding a great mentor that will work for you and your needs can be difficult, but it is totally worth it in the long run. Finding your own mentor, as opposed to being assigned one by your manager, … Read more

What is Nursing Stress, Burnout, or Compassion Fatigue?

Being a nurse is a dream come true for many people looking for a fulfilling and rewarding career. However, any practicing nurse can tell you that it is not the easiest job in the world. It requires strength, patience, and often more empathy than seems humanly possible. While feelings of frustration are totally normal, there … Read more

How to Attract the Right Work Culture in Nursing

When I first began a nursing job right after graduating from nursing school, I was ecstatic to finally have a career. I was excited to finally hold the title of nurse and work in a field that I was passionate about. However, the longer I worked in a large hospital, the more I felt that … Read more

Hot Nursing Career Paths

Having made it through the agony of nursing school and passed your exams, you are a certified nurse, ready to work! Congratulations! You may be wondering now how to go about getting a job and what exactly you should do now. Luckily for you, there are lots of career paths that you can choose; it’s … Read more

5 Time Management Tips for Busy Nurses

Healthcare is notoriously demanding in terms of time and energy. As a nurse, you are probably painfully aware of how few hours there are in a day to complete all the tasks you have been assigned or want to accomplish for yourself. If you’ve found yourself struggling to keep up with the frantic pace that … Read more