5 Emerging Trends and Driving Forces in Nursing Education

The nursing field is constantly changing and adapting, and with changes in the nursing profession come changes in nursing education. Understanding the changes and trends that can affect the field of nursing allows those aspiring or training to be a nurse to know about the shifts and changes that may occur in their education. Here … Read more

5 Rights to Prevent Medication Errors in Nursing

The common saying goes: “to err is human.” As a nurse, making mistakes is bound to happen, but in healthcare mistakes may carry heavier consequences than in other work environments. And in the world of healthcare, there is the added the worry of malpractice suits against nurses or physicians that have made a mistake, not … Read more

The ABCs of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

When thinking about nurses, most picture nurturing, bustling middle-aged women in a white uniform constantly carrying around fresh sheets or fluffy pillows. Nurses are often thought of “assistants” or “helpers” for physicians. In reality, nurses are professionals with an in-depth, scientific knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, the latest in medical technology, and the most … Read more

Stories of Nursing Inspiration

When I entered nursing school, I was much older than my classmates. I began school as I approached my 40th birthday, struck by a sudden desire to put my natural knack for nurturing to good use. As my only child had just entered college, I found myself, a stay at home mom with no one … Read more

5 Advantages of Continuing Nursing Education

As a nurse, you are a highly educated and qualified employee. You are up to date on the latest procedures, treatments, and even laws. Or are you? If it’s been a while since you were in nursing school and you haven’t pursued any continuing education, there is a big chance that you might be a … Read more

Your Guide to Online Nursing Programs

As the world progresses, it’s clear that technology is becoming an undeniable part of our life in every way. While this can seem frustrating at times, especially as we see interpersonal connections dwindling and children becoming obsessed with the latest game or social media, making use of technology can help us reach our goals in … Read more

List of Nursing Associations

If you’re new to the nursing world, you should know that there are so many nursing organizations out there for you to join. These organizations provide a sense of community, a place to learn and grow as a nurse, and offer networking and career opportunities. While there are hundreds of professional nursing organizations to choose … Read more

The Struggles of a Psychiatric Nurse

For psychiatric nurses, there’s no shortage of life-lessons to be had. From the people you meet to the situations you find yourself in the middle of, there’s always something exciting going on. As a psychiatric nurse myself, I know firsthand just how strange and difficult the work can be. And most times, I’ve just not … Read more

Childhood Obesity as a Public Health Issue

Obesity is a growing epidemic, especially in the USA. It has a huge impact on the health of the population and can cause a wide variety of other health issues including diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, we are seeing obesity begin at younger ages, and childhood obesity is fast becoming a public health issue. It’s … Read more

Developing Emotional Intelligence for Good to Great Nurses

As a nurse, you are a knowledgeable and skilled individual. Throughout nursing school, you learned about diseases and their treatments, about new technology and medicines. You’ve had practice in the field, and you are probably a very good nurse. However, what can help you increase your standing from a good nurse to a great one? … Read more