FDA Now Regulating Mobile Medical & Nursing Apps

In recent years, mobile medical and nursing apps have gained favor from providers and patients alike. The apps are available on a variety of mobile devices and make healthcare more streamlined and easier to understand. With apps to track steps and calories, check heart rates and glucose levels, and monitor chronic health conditions, it’s clear … Read more

7 Best Nursing Apps for Android and iPhone

As technology advances before our very eyes, it comes as absolutely no surprise that apps are becoming indispensable for people. There are apps that help you manage your finances, apps for finding a soulmate, and apps for ordering groceries for delivery. Unsurprisingly, the world of healthcare is joining in with the app fun; hundreds of … Read more

Is Your Attitude Towards Geriatrics Related to Nursing Shortage?

With a nursing shortage on the rise in the past few years, working nurses are really feeling the strain. And as the US population ages, the need for nurses is increasing incrementally, especially for those nurses that specialize in geriatrics. If you’re a nurse, read on for more information on how the nursing shortage may … Read more

How Nurses Can Identify Human Trafficking Victims

Human trafficking is a growing epidemic in the United States and around the world. With victims numbering in the millions globally, there is an increasing need for people to recognize human trafficking when it does occur and intervene appropriately. In the world of healthcare, nurses often come into contact with trafficking victim quite regularly, whether … Read more

Is Psychiatric Nursing Right for You?

When it comes to choosing a specialty as a new nursing grad, the process can be difficult and confusing. Like most new grads, you probably have a good grasp on the medical knowledge of diseases, treatments, techniques, and technology, but that doesn’t make the choice any easier. In actuality, deciding which specific field to enter … Read more

9 Pieces of Advice for Every Nursing Student

Getting through nursing school with your sanity intact may seem like an impossible task. Programs are difficult with high levels of rigor expected from every student. Students who lack good study habits and time management skills will struggle. If you’re finding that nursing school is a lot harder than you expected, keep reading for some … Read more

Understanding the Different Scopes of Nursing Practice

In healthcare, there is a wide variety of types of caregivers. The range of certification and licensure varies extensively, as do the duties they incur. With so many different professions in one giant field, it’s important to know the scope of each type of practice. If you’ve ever wondered about the different scopes of nursing … Read more

3 Types of Nurses at Work That Drive Us Nuts

Being a nurse comes with its own set of ups and downs that are pretty unique to the profession. One of the biggest challenges we face is dealing with each other! It’s true that no one is perfect, but some nurses make us really wonder whether they know that or not. If you’re a nurse, … Read more

How Nursing Students Can Prepare For the NCLEX

As a nursing student gaining on the end of your schooling, you’re probably considering taking the NCLEX exam. After all, this is what you’ve been preparing for all this time, right? And once you pass it, you will be a fully licensed nurse, ready to practice in the United States. No pressure, but it’s a … Read more

Four Ways to Make a BIG Difference in Patient Care

Nurses, along with others in the health profession, often deal with people who are not at their best. They are sick, in pain, tired, or scared. They might be dealing with insurance companies or have no insurance at all. They may be wondering how they are going to make it through all this. Unfortunately, this … Read more

Useful Tips to Obtain RN License

One of the most infamous exams in the world of nursing is the RN licensure exam. We won’t mince words – it can be pretty rough. However, there’s also nothing quite as satisfying as being able to take and pass that exam because with that comes those two wonderful letters you get to add to … Read more

Ace Your Exams With These Study Tips for Nursing Students

Beginning nursing school is a dream come true for many young people every year. It’s exciting to get on the path that will lead to your ultimate career goal of becoming a nurse. However, getting through nursing school is a challenging endeavor, and unless you are prepared and know more or less what to expect, … Read more

Are You a Nursing Professional?

Anyone with a nursing degree can become a nurse, but it takes more than a degree to truly become a nursing professional. There are evident attributes and qualities that professionals in the workplace have when pursuing their nursing careers. This article discusses the attributes and qualities a nurse needs to be a true nursing professional. … Read more

Tips on Creating a Smooth Patient Care Transition

The chaos that is hospital care can sometimes cause undue stress for patients, nurses, and doctors alike. Office managers and care coordinators do a lot to alleviate some of the pressures of employees, but nurses are still the primary advocates for patients. They are the go-to team for information and assistance. As the first line … Read more

The Wound Care Nurse

One might think a nurse is automatically certified to treat all manner of diseases and illnesses. However, the modern Advanced Practice Nurse must be specially trained and certified in the realm of wound care. For more information on wound care certified nurses, read on. The History of Wound Care In the contemporary era of nursing … Read more

Infection Prevention and Control Specialists on Lowering Hospital Infection Rates

A growing problem in health care facilities is the rate at which healthcare-associated infections, also known as HAI, are reported. One of the widest known infections that commonly start within a health care facility is called Clostridium difficile, also known as C. difficile. This article explains how C. difficile is contracted and what hospitals and … Read more

Guidelines for Nurses: How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Lately, it seems as if natural disasters are occurring more often than usual. From earthquakes to hurricanes, from floods to tornados, these natural disasters cause extensive damage to both people and property. Natural disasters are out of our control, so it can be difficult to handle them. The best thing to do, then, is to … Read more

How Effective is Our Nursing Communication?

Communication is one area of human life that be either a massive help or a major hindrance to getting things done. For millennia, humans have struggled to perfect the art of communication through the development of spoken languages, written alphabets, facial expressions, and even technology. Indeed, communication is imperative to proper connection to others and … Read more

8 Tips to Survive Your First Day at a New Nursing Job

The first day at a new job definitely ranks pretty high up on the “nerve-wracking” list! Whether it’s your first nursing job right out of school or you’ve just moved to a new place of employment, your first day probably has your stomach doing backflips right about now. If this sounds familiar, keep reading for … Read more

Top 6 Traits of a Successful Charge Nurse

A charge nurse is, essentially, in charge. He or she has the responsibility of managing or supervising an individual department within a facility. They often arrange schedules, direct admission and discharge, supervise the use of supplies, and delegate assignments. Clearly, it is a very busy position and one that requires stamina, motivation, and the ability … Read more

Nursing Care for the Elderly: Tips in Managing Depression

Geriatric nursing is a very special calling that requires a lot from its workers. With such a unique population at its focus, elder healthcare often provides challenging situations that can be difficult to navigate. From decreasing physical abilities to often waning mental capacity, the trials of getting older seem to be never-ending. As an elder … Read more

Childhood Obesity as a Public Health Issue

Obesity is a growing epidemic, especially in the USA. It has a huge impact on the health of the population and can cause a wide variety of other health issues including diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, we are seeing obesity begin at younger ages, and childhood obesity is fast becoming a public health issue. It’s … Read more

Lateral Violence: Ending Incivility in the Nursing Profession

Working in a hospital is a high-pressure environment. There is chaos, confusion, patient demands, family problems, and tension amongst coworkers. There’s simply no getting around the stress that nursing brings to our daily lives. One negative trend that thrives on this tension is that of lateral violence. Lateral violence is the hostile or aggressive behavior … Read more

Men in Nursing: The Challenges in Caregiving

The idea of a male caregiver has been a strange concept for as long as humans have been around. After all, men are the hunters, the providers, and women are the nurturers, right? Evolutionarily this may be the case, but as we as a species evolve even further, we no longer need to rely on … Read more

Confessions of a Psychiatric Nurse

For psychiatric nurses, there’s no shortage of life-lessons to be had. From the people you meet to the situations you find yourself in the middle of, there’s always something exciting going on. As a psychiatric nurse myself, I know firsthand just how strange and difficult the work can be. And most times, I’ve just not … Read more

5 Strategies for a Culturally Competent Patient Care

Those in the healthcare world have certain obligations that need to be fulfilled in order to be considered effective and successful. Being kind, compassionate, and empathetic in care is the desired goal, but it can be difficult sometimes. As a nurse, you might find yourself dealing with patients, coworkers, or situations that are hard to … Read more

A Guide to Patient Teaching and Education in Nursing

A nurse plays several roles in her position. She is a healer, a listener, a collaborator, a researcher, and more. Perhaps one of the greatest, yet most overlooked, role that a nurse plays in her organization is that of educator. While many nurses leave nursing practice to become an educator in an official capacity at … Read more

Continuing Education Equals Quality Nursing Care

You’ve probably heard the phrase “nobody’s perfect” before, and when it comes to nursing this is especially true. You’ve probably felt inadequate at some point or another; you might compare yourself to others who are further along in their career than you are. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to settle for feeling … Read more

5 Advantages of Continuing Nursing Education

As a nurse, you are a highly educated and qualified employee. You are up to date on the latest procedures, treatments, and even laws. Or are you? If it’s been a while since you were in nursing school and you haven’t pursued any continuing education, there is a big chance that you might be a … Read more

Patient Care: The Nurse’s Role in Discharge Planning

Taking care of patients is, of course, a nurse’s main duty. But what happens when that patient is ready to go back home? Discharge planning is critical for preparing the patient to leave the hospital and helps healthcare providers all be on the same page regarding follow-ups and further treatment. Proper discharge planning will also … Read more