Developing Emotional Intelligence for Good to Great Nurses

As a nurse, you are a knowledgeable and skilled individual. Throughout nursing school, you learned about diseases and their treatments, about new technology and medicines. You’ve had practice in the field, and you are probably a very good nurse. However, what can help you increase your standing from a good nurse to a great one? … Read more

Professional Nursing: Addressing Our Patients

As a nurse, you know the difficulty of balancing genuine care and compassion with a level of professionalism suiting your position. It can be hard to find the right medium between being friendly and welcoming and being professional with patients, especially the ones that you see over and over. In your efforts to quell fears, … Read more

How to Build Better Rapport with Patients

Building relationships with patients is one of the most important yet most difficult tasks as a nurse. We may only see patients for a very short time, and in that time we need to get them to trust us and allow us to offer the right care. If this is something you struggle with, here … Read more

Shared Governance: What Exactly Is It?

The concept of shared governance is a prevailing topic in the world of nursing. But do you know what it means or why it is so important? If you’re new to the idea, it can be a little challenging to understand. Keep reading to learn more about what it is and what its main goals … Read more

Stories of Nursing Inspiration

When I entered nursing school, I was much older than my classmates. I began school as I approached my 40th birthday, struck by a sudden desire to put my natural knack for nurturing to good use. As my only child had just entered college, I found myself, a stay at home mom with no one … Read more

Communication in Nursing

Nursing requires a large variety of skills to be successful in the profession. Perhaps one of the most crucial of those skills is that of communication. Communication can be a complex activity and even more so for nurses. They have to properly communicate with patients, the family of patients, coworkers, and supervisors among others. Mastering … Read more