5 Things That Make a Good Nurse Great

If you are a nurse and you are looking for ways to become even better at your job, look no further. Becoming a great nurse takes time, dedication, and practice, but the basic steps are simple enough. Here, we have gathered a list of 5 principles that will turn you into a great nurse in … Read more

The Importance of Strength Training

When it comes to working out, most people opt for a jog on the treadmill or a few minutes on the bike. Cardio workouts like these are easy to do, and if you don’t have any equipment, it’s free to go for a run or a walk. However, because so many people opt for cardiovascular … Read more

4 Qualities of Caregiver Excellence

Providing care to those in need, whether it’s a family member or a patient in a hospital, is a difficult job, especially for those that aren’t officially trained in that capacity. However, even those caregivers that aren’t necessarily certified and licensed can offer excellent service to family members in need. As long as they embody … Read more

4 Tips to Help Nurses Eat Well During the Night Shift

Night shift nurses know that eating healthy is a challenge. Night shifts mess with your sleep schedule, which throws everything else off. It’s difficult to maintain a workout routine and keep up with regularly scheduled meals. However, these things are important for staying healthy and keeping up the stamina that the job requires. If you … Read more

Nursing in Australia: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

As a nurse in the USA, you’re very familiar with the variety of certifications, qualifications, degrees, exams, and everything else that goes into becoming a great nurse. But do you know what other countries require of their nurses? If you’ve ever considered moving out of the US to practice nursing elsewhere, there are a few … Read more

6 Ways for Nurses to Stretch Their Paycheck

Let’s face it: the economy is a little bit unstable. It seems that no career is immune to wages that aren’t rising in accordance with inflation or the rising cost of living in certain areas. And while there’s no better time to be a nurse, it can be difficult to make ends’ meet on a … Read more