Keep Your Sense of Humor (Even in a Nurse Uniform)

Nursing is a profession that requires a specific set of skills to be successful. Being a good nurse requires a lot of work and patience. With all the demands of the job, it’s easy to forget that having a sense of humor is a characteristic that will make things easier and more enjoyable for everyone … Read more

4 Tips to Help Nurses Eat Well During the Night Shift

Night shift nurses know that eating healthy is a challenge. Night shifts mess with your sleep schedule, which throws everything else off. It’s difficult to maintain a workout routine and keep up with regularly scheduled meals. However, these things are important for staying healthy and keeping up the stamina that the job requires. If you … Read more

Nurses and Children: Top 5 Ultimate Parenting Tips for Nurses

As a nurse, you are highly qualified to take care of people in need, from tending to infected wounds, to giving vaccinations, to instructing them on how to take care of their health. And you even get paid to do it! It seems like a given that parenting would come naturally to any nurse. With … Read more

Stilettos And Their Risk For Bone Health

Did you know that high heeled shoes were originally created for men? There are a few different stories as to the origin of the high heel, but the history can be traced back to medieval horse riders. These men were looking for ways to stay in the saddle better even during raucous rides. The elongated … Read more

8 Reasons Why Nurses are the Best Relationship Partners

Are you single and ready to mingle? Well, the good news is that as a nurse you have a lot of positive attributes that you can bring to any relationship (aside from your beautiful face an undeniable fashion sense). Here are a few of the great qualities that you bring to the table of any … Read more

6 Ways for Nurses to Stretch Their Paycheck

Let’s face it: the economy is a little bit unstable. It seems that no career is immune to wages that aren’t rising in accordance with inflation or the rising cost of living in certain areas. And while there’s no better time to be a nurse, it can be difficult to make ends’ meet on a … Read more

What Does the Automobile Industry And Healthcare Have In Common?

Nursing is a famously human profession. It focuses on the human touch, human interaction, and the physical failings of simply being in human bodies. For hundreds of years, nurses have been seen as healers and helpers. Considering all this, it might surprise you to know that healthcare is pickup up a few helpful hints from … Read more

How Nurses Can Stop Blaming Others and Change Their Life Today

In this world, there’s no shortage of conflict. From wars to a squabble with your loud neighbor, it’s impossible to go a day without at least hearing of some type of fighting. As humans, we tend to strive to remove blame from ourselves and place it on others in an effort to keep issues from … Read more

The Life of a Nursing Student… in GIFs!

Studying nursing is hard. It’s hard to get in, it’s hard to learn everything, and it’s even hard to deal with people who think you’re more than a little crazy for joining the profession in the first place. If you’re a current nursing student, here are some GIFs that will surely resonate with your experience … Read more

No Nurse is an Atheist

Nursing is a profession that requires a lot from those who work in it. A good nurse must be motivated, empathetic, kind, and compassionate. They must also possess a level of spiritual fortitude to remain productive in this line of work. In fact, many nurses rely on a faith system to lead them in their … Read more