List of Nurse Recruitment Agencies for U.S. Based EmploymentNurse Recruiting Agencies based in the U.S.A.

The following agencies specialize in recruiting foreign trained nurses for various nursing jobs to the USA.  

ADEX Medical Staffing - full service agency.

Alda Professional Placement Services- assist with placement in various countries.
All About Staffing, Inc - an affiliate of HCA Hospital, no agency fees, visa sponsorship.
ASMCI USA - assist with NCLEX, IELTS or TOEFL prep, no agency fees.
Assignment America -affiliated with Cross Country, offers full service assistance.
Bonacare USA  - full service agency specializing in recruiting nurses from Korea.
Cambridge Healthcare - CGFNS certification requirement, assist with NCLEX and visa filing.
Carex Global Recruitment - full service international agency, no agency fees.
CBH Healthcare Recruiters - full service agency includes on the job training.
Christine Paris Enterprises USA Inc - full service agency, placements also in Australia and UK.
Cirrus Medical Staffing- full service agency, placing top healthcare professionals into positions within the best healthcare organizations in the US. 
CMS - Comprehensive Medical Staffing - full service agency, assist with filing application.
CNERGI - offers reimbursement for immigration costs, no agency fees.
DB Healthcare - full service agency includes visa filing and reimbursement of requirements.
DirectSource Healthcare - works with recruitment firms & assists with nurse placements.
European Medical Staffing - full service agency, not limited to European RN recruitment.
Global Healthcare Resources - full service agency, focuses on cultural transition program.
Global Nursing Solutions - full service agency, refund of NCLEX/IELTS fees.
Global Nurses Network (USA) - full service agency specializing in recruiting Indian nurses. - full service agency, placements in the US and UK.
Global RNSource - specializes in California placements.
GlobeMed Resources - reimburses cost of exams, immigration, & travel, focus on Indian RN.
HCCA International - full service agency since 1973. Full benefits package.
Healthcare Resources International - assistance with immigration process and placement.
HealthStar International - full service agency, over 450 nurses placed in the US.
Institute of California Bilingual Medical Staffing - specializes in bilingual RNs from Mexico.
International MedLink - full service agency, CGFNS required, unique Vanderbilt training.
Job2Career - full service agency, very established presence in India.
JUNO Healthcare Staffing - NCLEX or CGFNS required, assistance & placement.
Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting - full service international recruiting agency.
Medliant - full service agency, reimbursement of immigration fees, travel, etc.
Nurses to USA - full service agency specializing in nurse recruitment in the Philippines.
O'Grady Peyton International - full service agency, over 25 years of experience in recruiting.
Onward Healthcare - agency with per diem, travel and international recruitment programs.
Pacific Link Healthcare - full service international recruiting agency since 1999.
PPR Healthcare - agency with travel, permanent & international recruitment programs.
Premier Healthcare Professionals - agency with travel and international programs.
Professional Healthcare Resources - agency specializing in hospice care placements.
RCM Health Care Services - full service international recruiting agency.
RN India - full service international agency specializing in recruiting RNs from India.
RYMEK - full service international agency specializing in recruiting RNs from the Philippines.
Sentosa Recruitment Agency - direct hire for Sentosa Healthcare, full service agency.
Strategic Nurse Staffing - specializes in placement of international RNs throughout US.
Stateside Nursing International - full service international recruitment agency since 1996.
TGS Health Care Solutions, LLC - full service international recruitment agency.
US Medical Staff Inc. - full service international recruitment agency.
VitalCare Healthcare Staffing Solutions - agency focused on placements in CA.
Wilson Staffing Network - agency with domestic & international recruitment programs.
WorldWide HealthStaff Associates - full service international recruitment agency.
Worldwide Resources Network, Inc - full service international recruitment agency.

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