Nurse Recruiting Agencies based in the U.S.A.

The following agencies specialize in recruiting foreign trained nurses for various nursing jobs to the USA.  

ADEX Medical Staffing - full service agency.

Alda Professional Placement Services- assist with placement in various countries.
All About Staffing, Inc - an affiliate of HCA Hospital, no agency fees, visa sponsorship.
ASMCI USA - assist with NCLEX, IELTS or TOEFL prep, no agency fees.
Assignment America -affiliated with Cross Country, offers full service assistance.
Bonacare USA  - full service agency specializing in recruiting nurses from Korea.
Cambridge Healthcare - CGFNS certification requirement, assist with NCLEX and visa filing.
Carex Global Recruitment - full service international agency, no agency fees.
CBH Healthcare Recruiters - full service agency includes on the job training.
Christine Paris Enterprises USA Inc - full service agency, placements also in Australia and UK.
Cirrus Medical Staffing- full service agency, placing top healthcare professionals into positions within the best healthcare organizations in the US. 
CMS - Comprehensive Medical Staffing - full service agency, assist with filing application.
CNERGI - offers reimbursement for immigration costs, no agency fees.
DB Healthcare - full service agency includes visa filing and reimbursement of requirements.
DirectSource Healthcare - works with recruitment firms & assists with nurse placements.
European Medical Staffing - full service agency, not limited to European RN recruitment.
Global Healthcare Resources - full service agency, focuses on cultural transition program.
Global Nursing Solutions - full service agency, refund of NCLEX/IELTS fees.
Global Nurses Network (USA) - full service agency specializing in recruiting Indian nurses. - full service agency, placements in the US and UK.
Global RNSource - specializes in California placements.
GlobeMed Resources - reimburses cost of exams, immigration, & travel, focus on Indian RN.
HCCA International - full service agency since 1973. Full benefits package.
Healthcare Resources International - assistance with immigration process and placement.
HealthStar International - full service agency, over 450 nurses placed in the US.
Institute of California Bilingual Medical Staffing - specializes in bilingual RNs from Mexico.
International MedLink - full service agency, CGFNS required, unique Vanderbilt training.
Job2Career - full service agency, very established presence in India.
JUNO Healthcare Staffing - NCLEX or CGFNS required, assistance & placement.
Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting - full service international recruiting agency.
Medliant - full service agency, reimbursement of immigration fees, travel, etc.
Nurses to USA - full service agency specializing in nurse recruitment in the Philippines.
O'Grady Peyton International - full service agency, over 25 years of experience in recruiting.
Onward Healthcare - agency with per diem, travel and international recruitment programs.
Pacific Link Healthcare - full service international recruiting agency since 1999.
PPR Healthcare - agency with travel, permanent & international recruitment programs.
Premier Healthcare Professionals - agency with travel and international programs.
Professional Healthcare Resources - agency specializing in hospice care placements.
RCM Health Care Services - full service international recruiting agency.
RN India - full service international agency specializing in recruiting RNs from India.
RYMEK - full service international agency specializing in recruiting RNs from the Philippines.
Sentosa Recruitment Agency - direct hire for Sentosa Healthcare, full service agency.
Strategic Nurse Staffing - specializes in placement of international RNs throughout US.
Stateside Nursing International - full service international recruitment agency since 1996.
TGS Health Care Solutions, LLC - full service international recruitment agency.
US Medical Staff Inc. - full service international recruitment agency.
VitalCare Healthcare Staffing Solutions - agency focused on placements in CA.
Wilson Staffing Network - agency with domestic & international recruitment programs.
WorldWide HealthStaff Associates - full service international recruitment agency.
Worldwide Resources Network, Inc - full service international recruitment agency.

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