A Guide to Patient Teaching and Education in Nursing

A nurse plays several roles in her position. She is a healer, a listener, a collaborator, a researcher, and more. Perhaps one of the greatest, yet most overlooked, role that a nurse plays in her organization is that of educator. While many nurses leave nursing practice to become an educator in an official capacity at … Read more

List of Nursing Associations

If you’re new to the nursing world, you should know that there are so many nursing organizations out there for you to join. These organizations provide a sense of community, a place to learn and grow as a nurse, and offer networking and career opportunities. While there are hundreds of professional nursing organizations to choose … Read more

Are You a Nursing Professional?

Anyone with a nursing degree can become a nurse, but it takes more than a degree to truly become a nursing professional. There are evident attributes and qualities that professionals in the workplace have when pursuing their nursing careers. This article discusses the attributes and qualities a nurse needs to be a true nursing professional. … Read more

Patient Care: The Nurse’s Role in Discharge Planning

Taking care of patients is, of course, a nurse’s main duty. But what happens when that patient is ready to go back home? Discharge planning is critical for preparing the patient to leave the hospital and helps healthcare providers all be on the same page regarding follow-ups and further treatment. Proper discharge planning will also … Read more

The Struggles of a Psychiatric Nurse

For psychiatric nurses, there’s no shortage of life-lessons to be had. From the people you meet to the situations you find yourself in the middle of, there’s always something exciting going on. As a psychiatric nurse myself, I know firsthand just how strange and difficult the work can be. And most times, I’ve just not … Read more

Childhood Obesity as a Public Health Issue

Obesity is a growing epidemic, especially in the USA. It has a huge impact on the health of the population and can cause a wide variety of other health issues including diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, we are seeing obesity begin at younger ages, and childhood obesity is fast becoming a public health issue. It’s … Read more

Developing Emotional Intelligence for Good to Great Nurses

As a nurse, you are a knowledgeable and skilled individual. Throughout nursing school, you learned about diseases and their treatments, about new technology and medicines. You’ve had practice in the field, and you are probably a very good nurse. However, what can help you increase your standing from a good nurse to a great one? … Read more

Top 6 Traits of a Successful Charge Nurse

A charge nurse is, essentially, in charge. He or she has the responsibility of managing or supervising an individual department within a facility. They often arrange schedules, direct admission and discharge, supervise the use of supplies, and delegate assignments. Clearly, it is a very busy position and one that requires stamina, motivation, and the ability … Read more

Continuing Education Equals Quality Nursing Care

You’ve probably heard the phrase “nobody’s perfect” before, and when it comes to nursing this is especially true. You’ve probably felt inadequate at some point or another; you might compare yourself to others who are further along in their career than you are. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to settle for feeling … Read more

Infection Prevention and Control Specialists on Lowering Hospital Infection Rates

A growing problem in health care facilities is the rate at which healthcare-associated infections, also known as HAI, are reported. One of the widest known infections that commonly start within a health care facility is called Clostridium difficile, also known as C. difficile. This article explains how C. difficile is contracted and what hospitals and … Read more